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No description

Nurulhusna Aisyah

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of CHEAT !

Literature Component: Short Story
Moral Values
* We should have the spirit of competitiveness in order to further our good character traits.
*Creativity is a positive attitude and can increase our self-confidence and skills.
*We should learn to let go and talk out our anger whether it is with friends or enemies.
* We should not be overly presumptuous and take situations or people for granted.
* Friends are an important part of our daily life and so we should have faith and not judge them too harshly.
*We should be honest in whatever we do.

Creativity and self-confidence
Keeping anger in oneself
Presumptuous and taking situations for granted
Keeping faith with friends
Point of View
The story is told in the third person point of view.
Give insight into the feelings and thoughts of the characters.
By : Allan Baillie
School hall
- the results of the short story competition is announced here.
Home of Lynne
- she lets go her feelings of disappointment when she does not get first placing in the competition and she keeps her completed work
Corridor in school
- Lynne comes to accept Geoff's winning the competition.
- class discussion on future careers
Corridor outside classroom
- Lynne blurts out the writer's name Bradburie-Geoff is taken aback
Headmaster Velo's office
-Geoff confesses he might have taken the idea for his short story from Bradburie's book. Mr Velos does not disqualify him but awards the best story winner to Lynne.
* A few school days
* Present time
Lynne waits impatiently for Headmaster Velos to announce the results of the short story competition. He announces Geoff as the winner of the short story competition with Lynne in second place. Lynne is disappointed but hides her feelings as she congratulates Geoff.
Lynne keeps her short story and puts aside her disappointment and carries on with her school work. She concentrates on making to the school basketball team . She even enjoys Geoff's joke about how the headmaster chose the winner.
Lynne comes across Bradburie's story about an elephant which escaped in a park. She assumes that Geoff has cheated by copying this story. She debates on whether to tell Headmaster Velos and how to do it. She decides not to do or say anything about it.
Falling Action
After a class discussion on careers, Lynne mentions the name, Bradburie in a sudden burst of anger. Lynne notices that Geoff looks disturbed and fells that sooner or later the truth will be out. Lynne is called to the headmaster's office. Geoff is there too and the medal is on a Bradburie book on the table.
Headmaster Velos tells Lynne that Geoff feels his story of the elephant is based on a story he read three years ago. As such his story may not be original and so the results of the competition is to be reversed. Geoff is not disqualified but Lynne's story is now accepted as the first-place winner. This is unexpected and Lynne fells cheated as it is an empty victory. Then, the story ends with a twist as Lynne begins to wonder whether she has read any story about a sheepdog.
Language and style
* Simple language and easy to understand
*Descriptive of the feelings of the characters and situations
Tone , Mood and
Serious with regards to school activities and the headmaster's approach to the situation
Anxiety while waiting for the announcement of the story competition results
Analytical and awkwardness of need to expose someone's wrongdoing.
Atmosphere-suspenseful as the reader can feel the character's anxiety and disappointment from the beginning to the end of the story
One or two light moments when Geoff jokes about how Headmaster Velos choose the winning story and when the class has a discussion about careers
~ It is an irony that before Lynne can expose Geoff, the latter confesses to Headmaster Velos but he is not disqualified merely pushed down to second placing. It is an irony that Geoff's telling the truth about his story not being original ends with Lynne as the winner of the competition. But, she loses confidence and begins to doubt her own work.
Rhetorical questions
'Ah,well, second is not so bad, is it ?
'But who would tell Velos ? '
The line 'Lynne was talking hollowly in an empty room' gives a clear picture of uncertainty and helplessness about the problem. The line'.. everything tasted of cardboard' gives a clear picture of the deep disappointment and anger within Lynne.
Shut up..shut up
"Perhaps a tie' 'It had to be a tie
Lynne felt slightly ill as she recalls the amount of work she put into writing her story and the pain she suffered 'in putting it all together'.
The short story competition is a symbol of creativity of the schoolchildren.
The name 'Bradburie' is a symbol of the possibility that the children's short stories are not original.
It also symbolises the question of how creative schoolchildren as amateur writers can be and how original can a story be.
'the words as they lay on his tongue' personifies words as being able to lay down like people
Figurative expressions
*'a quiver of pain'
*'with a straight face'
*'have your eye on a different direction'
'swallow the bitter taste from her mouth' is synonymous to trying to control her anger.
'everything tasted of cardboard' is a comparison of food and paper indicating that the food is tasteless.
'shouted at him silently'
'next time use heavier paper'
'he seemed to be drifting away'.
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