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Air Jordan SWOT Analysis

No description

Matthew Psychas

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Air Jordan SWOT Analysis

Air jordans
By: Odell Leath
Matthew Psychas

Promoted by one of the greatest players to play basketball.
Having a pair is status symbol.
The logo is easily recognizable, many people know the Jordan symbol.
Shoes are very expensive
Michael Jordan's name is becoming dated. With players like Lebron and Kobe doing very well there shoes are more likely to be bought buy younger kids.
Shoes are made overseas.
Other upcoming basketball stars releasing there own shoes.
Other shoe companies making new products.
Adidas and Reebok releasing new shoes.
Air Jordan and Jordan Brand have the ability to entice new athletes looking for first endorsements.
Have the opportunity to remain impactful by selling basketball shoes.
Can keep making money over the years if they remain successful.
Jordan's were released to the public in 1985.
Jordan was the first athlete to have his own shoe lie.
In 1997 Jordan broke away from Nike and was founded as its own company.
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