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Mackenzie Taiariol

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of eco

What goes in the red box? This is a red box! Feb 1st # of bags - 60 weight of bags - 27.215kg April 13th # of bags - 46 weight of bags - 25.5kg In our first audit 70% of what was put in the garbage should have gone to things like recycling (55%) and composting (16%). With everyone doing their part we saw the amount of recyclable items (paper and containers) decrease to (44%), and our food waste/ composting decrease to (7%). Which means we are on the right path because we are actually starting to think about where things go instead of just tossing them in the garbage. REMEMBER, our goal is to reduce the amount of garbage and to increase the recycling and compost items. Garbage Audits Recycling Audit We have seen a huge increase in the amount of recycling that we are putting out each week. The biggest increase we have seen is with containers. In the last eight weeks we have put out eight big blue bins of containers to be recycled. This is more containers than we would have recycled in the last TWO YEARS!!! ;) :( but... we still have a problem with straws in the juice boxes and caps on the bottles:( Composting We had a great start to composting by all of our classes. In our April audit we collected 4kg of compost in one day. But when we went through all of the bags we found another 4kg of items that could have been composted. We are confident that our composting numbers will increase as everyone gets used to what can be composted. What about a contest? Here's your chance to win, the rules are simple: Be the class to collect the most straws and bottle caps in a week, to win! Trashless Tuesdays and Wasteless Wednesdays Average: 150 students stay for lunch 75%!!!! :D We have started to reduce the number of garbage bags by not collecting the garbage from each class after lunch. What's next? Energy! Why? More paper towels are now being recycled. How? Straws and bottle caps. Why? NO! BRINGING ANY FROM HOME! Prizes!:) Starting Monday April 26th,put your straws and bottles caps in your class bin. The ECO team will collect, count and announce the winners, every Monday!
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