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Copy of Figurative Language of Roll of Thunder, Hear my cry.


David Pilcher

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Figurative Language of Roll of Thunder, Hear my cry.

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.
Figurative Language Similes Here it is, Saturday morning, and they're as quiet as church mice. There was a sinking feeling in my stomach and I felt as if the world had turned itself upside down with me in it. Similes... Continued When I rejoined Mama in she was combing her
hair, which fanned over her head like an enormous black halo. Similes My brothers laid up like they is and you
running 'round free as a white man. The heat swooped over the land, clinging
like an invisible shroud. Personification Spring. It seeped into the waiting red earth in early March, softening the hard ground for the coming plow and awakening life that had lain gently sleeping through the cold winter.
PERSONIFICATION All eyes turned from the fire and riveted
themselves upon him. Simile Suddenly there was a sharp explosion as if
something had been struck with an angry
force. PERSONIFICATION A soft light still crept under the door from Mama and Papa's room. SIMILE Papa rubbed is moustache and looked up at the trees standing like sentinels on the edge of the hollow, listening. PERSONIFICATION For a while we stood looking again at the destruction, then, sitting on one of our fallen friends, we talked in quiet, respectful tones, observing the soft mourning of the forest. SIMILE Before us the narrow, sun-splotched road wound like a lazy serpent dividing the high forest bank of quiet, old trees. Metaphors The man was a human tree in height, towering high above Papa's 6 feet, 2 inches. A still form lay there staring at us with glittering eyes. Simile "Big Ma was Papa's mother, and like him she was tall and strongly built. Her clear, smooth skin was the color of a pecan shell." Personification ...may your tiny feet find the pathways of learning steady and forever before you. Similes ...Mr. Morrison pick up one of them men like he wasn't nothing but a sack of chicken feathers... THE END
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