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Beyond Bullying

No description

Jessica Fields

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Beyond Bullying

San Francisco, CA
West High School
Minneapolis, MN
Midwest High School
New York, NY
In Negotiation
Let's invite stories of LGBTQ sexuality
beyond bullying
into U.S. schools.

Strategic Communication
Major accomplishments
Designed project website
Secured crew for behind-the-scenes video

Planned strategic communication
Local meetings and press
Curated website
Teacher education resources
Jacqui Beck
Project Management
Paul Fletcher
Wazi Davis
Shifting the Discourse of
LGBTQ Sexuality and Youth in U.S. Schools

Supported with funding from the Ford Foundation initiative
"Sexuality, Health and Rights Among Youth in the United States:
Transforming Public Policy and Public Understanding Through Social Science Research"

What stories will we hear?
What's required for schools
to receive those stories?
How might these stories shift
local and national conversations?
Next steps...
October 4, 2013
SF State Center for Research and Education on Gender and Sexuality

Introduction to qualitative research and Grounded Theory
Participant observation – learning through participation
Fieldnotes I: jotting and anticipating analysis
Fieldnotes II: writing fieldnotes
Studying sexuality
Participant observation with youth
Social Science Research
Major accomplishments
Negotiated access to schools
Fieldwork underway
Established youth research teams: "YAGs"
Developed storytelling booths and protocols

Planned social science research
SF in early December
MPLS and NY in Spring
Finalize school agreements and plans in MN and NY
Pursue intensive youth engagement
Launch website with social media connections (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
Finalize website, story prompts, set-up for schools
Roll out fieldwork in stages (Nov-Dec work with SF youth)
Politics and social justice in research
Major accomplishments
Hired graduate research assistants (GRAs)
Began preparing GRAs to participate in cutting-edge social science sexuality research
Professional networking
Ethnography workshops

Planned training
Data analysis workshops
Social media workshops
Dissemination workshops
Spring 2014 Sexuality Studies workshop
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