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Killer LinkedIn Profile

A practical guide for the use of LinkedIn by College Students and Recent Graduates.

Oksana ...

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Killer LinkedIn Profile

Networking website for professionals
Research tool for career opportunities and advice
Covers all industries
200* million members in more than 200 countries *(used to be 175 million half a year ago)
64% of LinkedIn users are outside the U.S. What IS LinkedIn ? How do you look on LinkedIn? "Searchable" profile 100 % COMPLETE PROFILE When LinkedIn displays search results for searches on LinkedIn they do so based on the following criteria:
1st degree contacts that are:
100% complete or nearest to it
have the most in-common connections
have the most in-common shared groups
and ranked in descending order
1st degree contacts, that are 100% complete or nearest to it, and ranked in descending order
2nd degree contacts, that are 100% complete or nearest to it, and ranked in descending order
3rd degree contacts, that are 100% complete or nearest to it, and ranked in descending order
Shared group contacts that are otherwise unconnected to you, from 100% complete or nearest to it, and ranked in descending order
Everyone else with high profile completeness
Everyone else who have low profile completeness. 100% Full Profile How others See You What you Say What Groups are you in? YOU Brand Do you Support others? Who do you follow? Connections Connections Maintain Relationships Your industry and location
An up-to-date current position (with a description)
Two past positions
Your education
A profile photo
At least 50 connections
Your skills (minimum of 3)
+Add recommendations (3 rec-s increase completeness of profile by 15%) 100 % FULL PROFILE Users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn. https://goo.gl/E6Kn8 SHARED GROUPS KEYWORDS CONTACTS how to find
keywords Control what others see Only you
Your network (1st, 2nd, 3rd degree)
Your connections (1st) How does your PUBLIC profile look like? WHO ARE YOU
ACCORDING TO GOOGLE? Who are you today?
What online presence do you create? How do you want to look? Personality
Goals Ranking of searched people got same name with someone else? Solutions:
add middle name
add your birth date
add a word that describes your passion
your variant bonus tip Check your name availability throughout all website http://namechk.com/ http://knowem.com/ Want a profile in a foreign language? STAR PROFILE ONLINE BRAND - YOU LINKEDIN HOW TO START? technical detail edit insert
media move sections up/down HOW TO START? content - what to do first? Start with easier sections, then move on to more time consuming:
Contact info
Volunteering While editing:
be consistent with bullet points markers
check grammar and spelling CONTENT What is the goal of your profile?
Whom do you want to attract? (audience)
--> content of sections should be tied with a common idea/topic/goal

Quality over quantity
No rush ;) REVISE WHY? Find mistakes
Change in goals
A MUST! people are likely to remember your face quicker than your name
easier to find you HAVE A PROFESSIONAL PHOTO FULL NAME INFORMATIVE HEADLINE Student at.... - generic Computer science student DePauw Senior Studying Computer Science Seeks Entry-Level Programming Role You have 120 characters in a headline field USE THEM TO MARKET BRAND - YOU why does it matter? how to reach 100%? on the right side of your profile page it should say: ALL-STAR CLAIM YOUR VANITY URL ASK FOR RECOMMENDATIONS professors
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