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No description

Ivy Zhang

on 3 December 2013

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when Sam Woods and Pete were talking about Virgil's intelligence and his commitment to the case,

"Smartest black I ever saw,” Pete concluded, then he
added a remarkable tribute. “He oughtta been a
white man.”
Tibbs visits Reverend Whiteburn for help and information on the murder weapon,

They planned to find the murder weapon and considered it to be a piece of wood about 2 feet long

Mayor and some of the town council put pressure on Gillespie to clear up the murder and rumours
about a “nigger cop” at the station.
the night shift
Virgil talked about racism in the United States.

later Tibbs realized that Sam changed his route to avoid driving by the Purdy house.
Chapter 8 Summary
In the heat of the night

The other officers were surprised that Tibbs and Gillespie had a really friendly talk

the murder weapon
The friendly talk
their attitudes were totally racist:(pg85) “I don’t want no nigger running around town asking questions
of white people like he thought he was somebody”
Sam and Virgil ride together on a night shift. they got to know each other, talked about the murder and the discovery of the body. Also Sam was clearly starting to like Virgil.
Virgil talked about racism in the United States.

later Tibbs realized that Sam changed his route to avoid driving by the Purdy house.

Sam:started to like Virgil and see him more equally.(pg90)"Despite his training, he was beginning to like Tibbs as a person."
(pg96)"Ralph's displeasure didn't faze Sam a bit.It even helped to mollify his conscience. As he passed the food to Virgil Tibbs he felt proud of himself."

character developments
1. Who was Reverend Whiteburn? Why did Tibbs go to him for help in his investigation? How did Tibbs describe him?

2. In the beginning of the chapter, Pete confessed to Sam that Virgil is actually a very smart man for a Negro. Does Virgil's intelligence show throughout the rest of the chapter? If so, how?

3. What was Whiteburn's plan? Do you think his plan would work? Explain your answer.

4. As we all know, Sam is still a little bit racist towards Virgil. For example, on page 81, "...as soon as he has uttered the words, Sam was ashamed of himself. He wishes he hadn't said them." However, shown later in the chapter, it says "...he was beginning to like Tibbs as a person". What made him change his view of Virgil? Do you think Gillespie would change his view of Virgil later on in the book as well?
Sam went to the diner to got some lunch for both of them
Ralph was displeased and called Sam a "nigger lover" after he left
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