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Hope you enjoy it!

Marian Gauzshtein

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Divergent

Tris (Beatrice) - round: brave, determined, trustworthy, smart. Dynamic: starting as a girl that anyone barely knew and ending as a hero who saves some of the peoples life. She is a strong powerful person who even after bullying was able to get to the top. I really admire Tris' character, it would have been amazing to meet her in real life.

Tobias(Four) - round: brave, caring, responsible, smart. Static: throughout the book he didn't change a lot, as brave as he was in the beginning the same he stayed in the end. The only difference is that in the end of the book he was in love with Tris. He is a brave but cautious person, who would have made a good leader.
About The Author
Divergent is a dystopian novel, and takes place in dystopian Chicago. The city is devided into six sectors, one for each of the five factions, and one for the Factionless. When a citizen turns sixteen, they have a choice to stay in the faction they were born into or change and move to another. Although they are in the same city, the factions are separated and placed far from each other. Citizens use trains to get round.
By: Marian Gauzshtein
I wanted for the trailer for the movie to be last. I watched it multiple time and I enjoyed it every time.
Hope You Will Enjoy It Too!
Point Of View
One of the two major themes in Divergent would be one choice can transform you. As I said before, Tris is dynamic, was mostly because of the choice she made. The choice was to transfer from quite and peaceful Abnegation to brave, risk taking Dauntless. That choice transformed her that in the end of the book she was a completely different person. The second major theme would be most people have more than one trait. In Divergent their society is divided into traits. There are selfless, brave, honest, kind and intelligent. I believe that it is wrong, for most people have more than one trait. People can be selfless and kind, honest and brave, they can be any mixture of any traits. In the book Tobias/Four has tattoos of all five factions, and when Tris asked why, Tobias answered "I want to be brave, selfless, intelligent, honest and kind."
In Divergent the author writes through Beatrice/Tris. We know and understand more about Tris than any other character because Veronica Roth speaks through Tris. We understand her thoughts and what her personality is like. We see the world how she sees it, if she thinks someone is a terrible person we would think so too. In the book she talks how she hates Peter, that's why we as readers do not see him as a good person. If Veronica would have wrote from Peters perspective we might have had a different view of things.
You should also read the other books in the series. I can guarantee that 75% of class would like the book and would want to keep reading.
Protagonist and Antagonist
Tris - Protagonist/Antagonist
Protagonist - She is the main character in the book and is a "good" guy.
Antagonist - Antagonist are people who go against someones plans. In this case Tris wants to stop Jennine Mathews plans.

Jennine Mathews - Antagonist/Protagonist
Antagonist - She is thought of as evil or the "bad" guy.
Protagonist - She is one of the main characters who has a plan and wants to achieve it.
She is a twenty four year old author who was born in New York. Veronica was raised in Barrington, Illinois as the youngest
of three children. She graduated from North Western University's creative writing program. As a student she would work on the book that would be Divergent rather than her homework. Veronica wrote Divergent while on her winter brake at her senior year at North Western University. Her career took off rapidly with the success of her first novel, with the movie rights sold before she graduated college.
From the book: The last time I saw him, he gave me a look of
, but now his eyes are wide and soft. (page 395)

Definition: vile, or worthless; scorn
From the book: “Why?” I ask. The question comes out too
. (page 341)

Definition: skeptical; showing unbelief; unable to believe something.
From the book: “Aren’t you going to
me for abandoning my faction and seeking out my brother? ‘Faction before blood,’ right?” (page 357)

Definition: A severe reproof or rebuke, especially a formal one by a person in authority.
From the book: The Abnegation aren’t manipulative, but they aren’t
, either. (page 370)

Definition: going straight to a point; direct or outspoken;
From the book: I don’t know when I
so many secrets. (page 371)

Definition: to gather or collect.
From the book: I have been attacked by crows and men with
faces; I have been set on fire by the boy who almost threw me off a ledge; I have almost drowned—twice—and this is what I can’t cope with? (page 393)

Definition: odd or unnatural in shape, appearance, or character; a very ugly creature, or image.
From the book: I can’t imagine going through my fear landscape in my spare time, like Tobias does. It seemed like bravery to me before, but now it seems more like
. (page 397)

Definition: gratification gained from pain.
From the book: “Send him to the control room. We’ll want a
being there to monitor things and, as I understand it, he used to work there.” (page 435)

Definition: having the power of perception by the senses; conscious.
From the book: I do not know what life will be like, separated from a faction – it feels disengaged, like a
leaf divided from the tree that gives it
(page 487)

Definition: sustaining life; nourishment.

: This book was full of action, one after another, which I really liked because it made me want to read all day without stopping. I think for such a young author Veronica Roth is very talented and her writing is very detailed. I could easily visualize characters, their actions and scenes of their everyday life, such as the war or their fear landscapes. I don't like people who dislike others because they are different. This is the part of the book which made the book more interesting but in real life I don't like people like Jennine Mathews who are afraid of someone only because they are slightly different. For the book though, that part was very important and played a big role.
: Most of the book was amazing and i couldn't stop reading it, but of course it cant be perfect. There were three parts I did not like. First of all I think that for Four/Tobias to like Tris even though he barely knew her, is unrealistic. In Insurgent, under the truth serum, he said that he was about to leave Dauntless, until he saw Tris. This is not impossible but happens rarely. Second, when Tris' parents were killed it was as though she didn't care about them, whether they lived or died. The only time the author ever talked about it was when she was on the train traveling to Amity. Third and last thing I disliked was the ending. Tobias was under a serum that affects Divergent, and all Tris did to 'awaken' was standing still letting him shoot her. As it was said in the book he was surprised to know she would shoot him even though in his mind she was an enemy. I don't think its possible, if he was truly under simulation he wouldn't put a second thought into killing her.
Extra: I would say that all of the people in this class should have no difficulties reading it. Level threes should try, they will understand most of it but level and would enjoy it. Level twos should wait a little till they know English better. Also it's a pretty thick book which consists out of 487 pages, but as I said before you wont even notice how much you've read, you'll just want to read more.
Summary: Frey tag pyramid
As Tris goes through a test she finds out that she is Divergent, which means she belong to more than just one faction, but three. Those are Abnegation, Dauntless and Erudite. At the choosing ceremony she has to choose one faction, either to stay with her family or to go where she always wanted to go, Dauntless. As she cut her hand she dripped her blood onto the coals, now she belongs to the Dauntless. On her way to the Dauntless compound she finds three good friends Christina, Will and Al.
Rising Action
At the compound they have to go through three stages to pass the initiation. Peter is jealous because a guy named Edward gets the first place, so he stabs him in the eye with a butter knife. After finding out that Tris is ranked first in the second stage he decides to throw her of the chasm with Al's help. Fortunately Four comes in and saves Tris. The next day Tris finds out that Al committed a suicide because Tris could not forgive him. In overall ranking Tris comes as number one. Also after the third stage all people in Dauntless were injected with a serum that was suppose to keep people from getting missing.
What the serum was actually for was to manipulate all dauntless soldiers to go into war with Abnegation. Although, Tris and Tobias were not under the serum, because they are both Divergent, they pretended to be to look and understand what was happening. As they tried to escape they were caught and while Tobias was put under the serum that works on Divergent, Tris was left to die in a glass tank that was filling up with water. Luckily Tris' mom saves her, but soon after gets killed. Now running alone Tris kills someone to defend herself, as she come closer to the now dead body she realizes that she has killed one of her friends, Will.
Falling Action
After finding her brother and dad they run to where Tobias is to stop the simulation. On the way to the control room Tris' father gets killed. As Tris keeps on running she finds Tobias. Tris' love for him is so big she lets him kill her, which awakens Tobias from the simulation. Tobias admits his love for Tris and together they take the flash drive and return to Tris' brother.
In the end of Divergent they take a train to Amity with hope that they will be welcomed. Divergent being the first book in the trilogy it doesn't have an actual resolution until the series is completed.
P vs S
: Throughout the book Tris struggles with herself. In the very beginning she was trying to find out what she is and what she wants to become. The hardest choice she had faced through the entire book is which faction should she choose, this question was in her mind for a very long time. The only time she could answer that question was in front of everyone at the choosing ceremony knowing that her father will be angry with her if she chooses Dauntless. Also, while Tris was going through initiation she went through a lot of struggling within herself. She wasn't sure if she was brave enough and that maybe she has chosen the wrong faction.

P vs P
: For Jennine Mathews wanting to get rid of Abnegation she became Tris' enemy. Throughout the book Tris hates Erudite's leader, Jennine Mathews for making rumors about Abnegation, but by the end of the book Tris' hate towards Jennine was completely different. It was her fault that Tris' parents have died. Tris wants to stop her plans, which makes Jennine and Tris even bigger enemies.

In the book Divergent,
Erudite allies with the Dauntless to fight a war against Abnegation. Even in the what we call civilized world right now there are countries who fight other countries only because they are different or they just dislike them.
One of Tris' fear is killing her family. To go past this fear she took the gun with which she was suppose to kill her family, pressed it against her forehead and shot herself. Long time ago I used to wonder what I would do in that kind of situation, and the answer was always the same, sacrifice myself instead of my family.
There is a book I read called The Maze Runner. The book is about a city with kids who's age ranged form thirteen to eighteen. The city they lived in was surrounded by walls. This is similar to Divergent because their city was surrounded by the fence. Also in the end of The Maze Runner they have found out that there were creators who created that city. Even though it was in Allegiant it was in Divergent trilogy . Tris and her friends found out that the city was an experiment and that they were once normal people.

Questions That Might Be Asked
1. Why did people call Tobias Four?

2. What is the truth serum?

3. Why would Erudite want to eliminate Abnegation?
Test Time!
Which faction is Jennine Mathews the leader of?
1. Abnegation
2. Dauntless
3. Erudite
4. Candor
What is the name of the author?
1. Erin Hunter
2. Veronica Roth
3. Neal Shusterman
4. Nicholas Edwards
Who stabbed Edward in the eye?
1. Peter
2. Eric
3. Tobias
4. Al
Who died in the book?
1. Al
2. Will
3. Christine
4. Peter
What does reprimand mean?
A severe reproof or rebuke, especially a formal one by a person in authority.
Minor Characters
Jennine Mews: She is an Erudite leader, who is planning on destroying Abnegation.

Christina: Tris' good friend who ones on a while can be jealous.

Caleb: Tris' brother who is the same age and who chose Erudite at his choosing ceremony.

Al: he has a crush on Tris and even though he look big and tough he cries at night.

Will: him and Christina have a relationship.

Eric: One of the few leaders in Dauntless. He is especially rude to Tris and Tobias.
The theme for this book would be morality. Throughout the book Tris gets confused with what is right and what is wrong. As she transfers to Dauntless she does not know if it was the right thing to do or not. Also, in Abnegation people are not allowed to be close in contact with other people, like kissing, until they get married. That's why Tris wasn't sure if dating Tobias was a good or a bad thing.
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