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What is a space


Britta Pollmuller

on 10 March 2017

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Transcript of What is a space

What is a 'Space'?
What is a video game space?
How do we distinguish between various spaces?

1. rule-based space as defined by the mathematical rules that set, for example, physical, sounds, AI, and game-level architecture

2. mediated space as defined by the presentation, which is the space of the image plane and the use of this image including the cinematic from of representation

3. fictional space that lives in the imagination, in other words, the space 'imagined' by players from their comprehension of the available image

4. play space, meaning space of the place, which includes the player and the video game hardware

5. social space defined by interaction with others, meaning the game space of other players affected
Crawford, a game designer and theorist explains interactionas a 'conversation: a cyclic process in which two actors alternately listen, think, and speak.' (2000)

The player is both reader (computer output) and producer (via input)
Players play with data and generate unique permutations, but the game code sets its own 'rules' to structure play. 'Code is the law' (Mitchell 1999, 50)

The computer becomes the embodiment of law and the programmer the 'lawgiver' (Weizenbaum in Walker, 1994)

Players making rules

Space and Game Structure play as free movement within a more rigid structure…

Ways to expand out of this structure…out of expected limitations
One Point Perspective
Two Point Perspective
Plot and Story
Function and Plot
Games as Moving Image
Cinematic Image Space in Video Games
Virtual Cameras, Machinima and Film Language
Sound in Game Spaces
Presentation is understood as the expressive and representational element of 3D video games, and the way they present the data of the rule-driven plane.
Game design space comes in two parts - the first is the look and feel of the game environment, and the second is the design and challenge of the playing space.
Atmosphere effects
Form and Scale
Tricks of Perception

Next week:
Create an environment for your game and present 2-3 A2 concept art design ideas for your game!
Functionality describes what a player can do in a game and how.
Two extraordinary things changed about painting, the invention of the picture that seemed to be a window and the invention of perspective to organise appearance in such a painted window. This new picture was a demonstration of how the world could be known; it was a model of the way that humans could make sense of it.

For Leonardo da Vinci, painting was the queen of science, far preferable to the written word. From his notebooks: ’Painting represents the work of nature to the sense with more truth and certainty than do words or letters, but letters present words with greater truth than does painting. Let us state that science to be more admirable which represents the works of nature, than that which represents the words of workers, that is the works of men’ 5 His most important concern is that of relief, by which he means the effect of three-dimensional forms in space. For da Vinci the painter becomes through the power of his imagery a veritable master of the universe. He put it, ‘The good painter has two principle things to paint: This is man and his intentions of his mind.’ 6

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