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Native American Project on the Southwest Puebloans

Based on customs, beliefs, and government.

Chloe Kenrow

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Native American Project on the Southwest Puebloans

The Southwest
Pueblo Tribe Beliefs Customs Government -maintain harmony with natural world
is key to survival -observation of sun, moon, stars was
essential -sun, moon, star help plan activities - activities such as, start planting, get ready
for winter -animal figures pecked or
panted on walls -employed prayer sticks -prayer sticks, colorfully
decorated with fur, beads and feathers -governor/chief has most power Native American Project -work together to survive -pray, dance and ceremonial games for
rain -live evolved around religious
ceremonies -all had same size homes, and same
amount of clothes, foods, other goods -nobody supposed to stand out -most homes owed by female Thank you! Books: The Pueblo By Charlotte and David, The Pueblo by Raymond Bial References: www.co.blm.gov/ahc/anasazi.htm
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