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Dysfunctional Teams

No description

Stephanie Paduano

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Dysfunctional Teams

Dysfuncional Teams Agenda 1. Functional vs Dysfunctional Teams
2. Causes
3. Impacts- Individual, Team, Organizational
4. Solutions
5. How to avoid Dysfunctional Teams Have you ever been part of a
team that cannot get things done? Functional Teams Functional Teams work effectively to accomplish defined goal(s) by
combining individual strengths and achieving group synergy Dysfunctional Teams Dysfunctional teams lack in one or more areas and struggle to meet the team’s objectives Causes of Dysfunctional Teams Impacts of Dysfunctional Teams Individual, Team, Organization Individual Level Frustration
Negative Emotions
Alienation and unfairness
Health Issues Team Level Limits ability to optimally achieve goals
Trust issues
Weakens team performance Organization Level High staff turnover
Unable to achieve company goals/tasks
Puts organization at risk Solutions to Dysfunctional Teams SOLUTIONS TO
DYSFUNCTIONAL TEAMS Good Leadership Team vs. Individual Goals Accountability Structured Decision Making Develop Trust How to avoid Dysfunctional Teams Be clear with your team about how the team should function Follow a simple process for avoiding dysfunctional teams Before you get started... While you're working... Ensure
communication goals are being met Identify
Non-performers Help others
if necessary Measure Team
Progress Thank you for listening! Questions?
Concerns? Shan Kaushal
Brittany Lum
Stephanie Paduano
Rafia Patel
Weronika Serafin
Fizza Zehra
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