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Unit 11- LA.A Understand the provision of health and social

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doreen clark

on 22 January 2017

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Transcript of Unit 11- LA.A Understand the provision of health and social

Health and Social Care Services
Primary Care
Health and Social Care Services
Tertiary Care
Secondary Care ( 'hospital and community care')
Research each of the terms:
Primary care
Secondary care
Tertiary care
Informal care
Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Informal Care
For each of the services you have listed, state the care they provide.
In your groups, how many health and social care services can you come up with?
Unit 11- LA.A Understand the provision of health and social care services
Doreen Clark
Add to the worksheet
Example- Opticians, dentist, health visitor, midwives

Add to your worksheet
Decide what type of care fits each of the services that you have listed.
Describe how the type of care you have chosen fits the service.
Add to your worksheet
Opticians, dentist, health visitor, midwives
Primary care is the first point of contact for someone when they contract an illness, suffer an injury or experience symptoms that are new to them. It is generally regarded as the ‘gateway’ to receiving more specialist care
A patient who has been provided with primary care may be referred to a secondary care professional – a specialist with expertise on the patient’s issue.
Referral made by the primary care professional
Consultant- led services
Planned care
Urgent and emergency care
This type of healthcare is known as specialised consultative healthcare usually for inpatients and on referral from primary and secondary healthcare for advanced medical investigation and treatment. Example- cardiac surgery, cancer management
Centres that has personal/professionals and facilities to support and treat individuals who require specialised help and support.
Informal Care
Relatives, neighbours, and friends that give up their time ( and in some cases their jobs) to care for an individual.
Informal care can also be provided by young people, usually sons or/and daughters

Examples: hospital care, therapists, counsellors, social workers
Examples- Day care for children with additional needs , nursing homes, residential care homes, fostering arrangements, hospices, specialist care units (e.g. renal units, oncology units)
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