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King assassination

No description

joe youn

on 25 May 2016

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Transcript of King assassination

News of King's assassination caused the racial violence, which led to more than 40 death and damages in property of
King's body was interred at Southview Cemetery, after another ceremony at morehouse campus.
James Earl Ray was the man who killed Martin Luther King Jr
Ronald Reagan was the one to sign the King holiday into the law in 1983

Who killed Martin
James Earl Ray killed him because of racism and he didn't want him to be the Civil rights leader.
King's Assassination
When King died
Were He Was Killed
Martin Luther King Jr. was killed at Lorraine Motel in Memphis, after leaving the room on the second story
How did the King get Assassinated
Martin Luther King had a lot of people against his cause. One person followed him to the Lorraine Motel and shot the king as soon as he leaved his motel room he got shot from a shooter across the street
Before Kings Assassination
Before King was assassinated he made the community better the ones befor him him only made it worse and he made black and whights have equal rights.
After King's Assassination
By Joe, Dan, Evan, Sean, Dylan
King died on a Thursday April 4 1968 6:01 and died on hospital bed at 7:05

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