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CIH NE Board 11th July 2013

How will you deliver your housing services in the future?

Nick Atkin

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of CIH NE Board 11th July 2013

What Are
Others Doing

Making the Business Case for Digital First - for you & your customers
Email Is Dead!
The Future for Housing Services?
Fab or Fad? You Decide
The Case for Digital in #ukhousing
CIH NE Board
Nick Atkin
11th July 2013
This Session:
About Me
Session Overview
How Have HHT Used SM?
Photo editing
Special Training:
Things That Changed My View
Still Unconvinced?
The Business Case For Digital
Who would YOU choose to follow?

Why would I WANT to follow you?

What's your USP?

Do you write your own blog or guest blogs?

Do your colleagues?
You Decide
A self confessed lover of all things technology
12 years paperless
Social media convert!
The revolution has already started
How was I converted?
Gen Y & Z
What's stopping you?
Why Bother?
How have we used it?
The Business Case for Digital First
Email is Dead!
The Future #ukhousing?
A few other things to watch for....
Gen Y

33% of UK population
96% members of a social network
Spend longer on SNs than in lectures
Less than 5MB internet ‘embarrassing’
Outnumber baby boomers in workplace
Prefer SM access at work to pay increase
Over 70% UK Gen Y in lowest income decile own a mobile
Email only used at work

but still useful
You can't stop progress
The way the world communicates has changed forever
It’s personal, but it’s not all about you
Stay interesting, relevant & honest
More isn’t necessarily better, but consistency is key
Agree an approach you can keep up with: 1 or 2 you can then be good at
Brand your total online presence: images, logos, fonts, _hht user IDs
Consistent voice and relaxed personality
Invite followers & customers to contribute
Treat people like adults & use humour: 02!
Follow people whose views you don't agree with
Social Media and alcohol don't mix!
What does your customer profiling tell you?
What do the next generation want?
Tomorrow's customers are today’s digital natives
Growth in SM is across the generations
How are you planning for this?
What are your customers saying about you?
Facebook – the ‘new metric’?
Power of FaceBook/ Twitter/ Blackberry
The people you can directly interact with
Real time information flows 24/7 365
It could save money & revolutonise services
The conversations are happening....with or without you
Spiraling popularity and usage
Cost effective
Provides a human face to organisations
Consumer driven and consumer generated
Lots of fab info you'd never normally see
It's fun!
I'll loose control
Lack of knowledge or training
ROI unclear: Is it really worth it?
"I'm too busy!"
Technologically challenged
Fear of saying the wrong thing
Only t***s tweet!
Short term reduction in volume of internal emails
Options appraisal for best longer term solution
Increased effectiveness and efficiencies allowing resources to be redirected and tailored to services
Faster, more informed decision-making
Improved collaborative working
More productive and engaged colleagues
Increased employee satisfaction
Provide a reliable platform for future changes and development
The Business Case
How Many More?
Our World is Changing
UK Economy
Preparing for the Tsunami
How Will We Do It?
How many each year?

Nick Atkin
Direct dial: 0151 510 5101
Mob: 07903 594 827
Email: nick.atkin@haltonhousing.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/halton-housing-trust
Twitter: @nickatkin_hht
Skype: nickatkin_hht
The Future #ukhousing?
Gen Z
I agree
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