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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

No description

Renata Schlomann

on 23 April 2012

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Transcript of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry The book that I read was Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, by Mildred D. Taylor. In this book, the characters all have very unique traits of their own. Some of the characters may have the same traits, but have individual traits that make them special. One other thing that makes the characters special is their ability to put a way there difference in race and help the people who is in need. I would have to give the “courageous” award to Jeremy Simms. I believe it took Jeremy a lot of courage to walk with the Logan children on the way to school knowing that he would be made fun of. He was made fun of by the white kids at his school for hanging out with black children who didn’t even go to the same school as he did. It took Jeremy a lot of courage to not care about being made fun of and continue to hang out with the Logan kids. During towards the middle of the book, Jeremy shows courage when Mr. Simms forces Cassie Logan to apologize to Miz Lillian Jean. Jeremy steps in and says to leave Cassie alone and that she did nothing wrong, but Mr. Simms doesn’t listen to him. Between the Logan kids, there is a lot of honesty. When Mama specifically tells the Logan children not to go to the Wallace store, Stacey Logan comes out clean that he went there and fought with T.J. Avery. As a punishment Mama sends the kids to bed early and shows the kids the next day what would happen if you are black, and mess with the Wallace family. The Logan kids are honest with everything they do and say except for the time that the kids built a trench so the bus for the white school would get damaged. There is a strong friendship between T.J. and Stacey until the middle of the book. T.J. is the total opposite of Stacey in many ways. For example: T.J. cheats on a test and Stacey gets blamed for it because of T.J. Another example is Stacey is hard working, responsible, kind, and honest, but T.J. is the total opposite of Stacey’s traits. I guess that even Stacey knows that T.J. could be a royal pain sometimes, but he gets used to it after awhile. Unfortunately, their friendship had a bump in the road when T.J. got mad at Mrs. Logan for failing him again for the second time, and told on her and ended up getting her fired. All of the characters show some responsibility except T.J., but Mama shows the most in this book. Mama is responsible for many things like taking care of the kids, or just being the Mama in the family. Mama also has a big responsibility for being a seventh grade teacher for Stacey. The day she got fired she was teaching the kids history about slavery. In this whole book, the biggest responsibility for Mama was when Papa broke his leg and had to be taken care of. Papa was the hardest worker in the whole book. Papa worked on the rail road and came home as much as possible even if it was only for a weekend. Papa showed a lot of hard work before and after he broke his leg during the night. He was even a hard worker after he broke his leg. When he had his cast on, he still went up and helped out with the fire. By:Renata Schlomann
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