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Nannie Doss "The Giggling Nanny"

No description

Jennifer Cao

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Nannie Doss "The Giggling Nanny"

Nannie Doss "The Giggling Nanny"

November 4, 1905 - June 2, 1965
Biographical Information
she had 1 brother and 3 sisters
she had a controlling father who forced their children to work on a farm instead of attending school
she was a poor student who never learned to read well
she only finished the 6th grade
she suffered severe headaches, blackouts and depression due to a head injury
she was mentally unstable and never got treated for her mental disability
she spent time working in a factory at age 16
Criminal Activity
she poisoned all her victims
she killed from 1920 to 1954
total of 11 victims- 5 husbands, her mother, 2 children, her sister, her grandson, and her mother-in-law
her behavior was very awful when she was caught
she was taken in to the police station to be quested after her 5th murder
she enjoyed the spotlight for her arrest and often joked about her husbands deaths
plead guilty on May 17, 1955
she was sentenced to life imprisonment
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Nannie's first marriage was at age 16 to Charley Braggs. They had 4 daughters and later divorced in the summer of 1928.
She married Robert Franklin "Frank" Harrelson 2 years after her divorce from Braggs.
Her third marriage was with Arlie Lanning after Harrelson's death. Lanning then died of heart failure.
After Lannning's death due to heart failure, she marries a man named Richard L. Morton.
After Morton's death in April 1953, she marries Samual Doss in June. He also died that year in the evening of October 5th.
did not plan her crimes in advance
ex. she rushed to kill her 5th husband right after he got home from the hospital
low intelligence because she only finished the 6th grade
2nd husband was an alcoholic and he raped her after an evening of heavy drinking
3rd husband was an alcoholic womanizer
4th husband was a womanizer
wanted to collect insurance money
Nannie's marriage life
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