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I was Born

No description

John Miller

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of I was Born

I was born on January 13th in 2005 by my mom Coco and named me Damian. I was a smart baby.
I was Born
I grew and liked DBZ and Pokemon in Kindergarden I did good in 1st Grade and in 2nd Grade. The both shows where from Japan.
My littel Life
Then in 3rd I did great. I think I did good in all grades. But my favorite thing to do was to play soccer.
Growing Up

I have 2 brothers 1 named David (9 years old) and Danny (23 years old). I also have 1 sister named Marla. And my mom's name is Coco and my dad's name is Carlos.
My Family
4th Grade
In fourth grade I got Mr Miller and I think he's very funny and I think I'm doing well in
4th grade.
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