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Cell Analogy Project

Cells compared to the solar system.

Meaghan Dodge

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Cell Analogy Project

Cassie Dodge & Meaghan Barfield Cell Analogy Project The nucleus is like the sun because the sun is the center that controls the universe and the nucleus is the center of the cell. Lysosomes are like a black hole because they get rid of unwanted things in the cell and in outer space. Golgi body are like asteroid belts because golgi body package protein just as asteroids belts package asteroids in the solar system. The cell membrane is like the troposphere because the cell membrane is a boundary that controls what enters and leave the cell and the troposphere controls what enters and leaves the atmosphere. The mitochondrion are like the asteroids of the solar system because the mitochondrion make fuel into energy and the asteroid turns a rock into energy. The cytoplasm is like carbon dioxide because cytoplasm fills all the space in the cell and carbon dioxide fills all the space in the solar system. The endoplasmic reticulum is like a rocket ship because the E.R. moves proteins through the cell and a rocket ship travels through the solar system. The sun ---> A black hole --> Asteroid Belt --> Asteroids --> Trophosphere -->
(outside layer) Carbon Dioxide --> Rocket Ship --> The nuclear membrane is like the corona because the nuclear membrane controls what enters and leaves the nucleus and the corona controls what enters and leaves the sun. Corona --> The cytoskeleton is like the orbit and gravity because the cytoskeleton is the structure or support of the cell and the orbit and gravity is what keep the solar system and planets in line. The nucleolus is like the process of forming star because the nucleolus is the site of ribosomes production and the forming of stars is like a production. Star formation--> Ribosomes are like stars because ribosomes produce proteins and stars produce energy. Stars --> The vacuole is like the planets because the vacuole stores food,enzymes and waste and planets store vegetation and people Planet Orbit --> Planets -->
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