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Duties of a Servant

No description

Jaci Howard

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Duties of a Servant

Duties of a Servant
by Sara

What did they wear?
Servants wore simple clothing.
Servants cooked and cleaned.
Servants were like butlers and maids.
Daily life
Servants would have to help royalty and nobles with their daily needs.

Servants were the people who built the pyrimids.some people thought that slaves built the pyrimids but they did not.
Men wore a wrap around skirt tied with a belt.Somtimes they had fabric wrapped around their legs.
Women wore long dresses with 2 shoulder straps.
The peasants and servants had a limited diet including beer, bread,dates,vegtables ,and pickled fish.
What do servants do?
Servants would work for pharaohs or nobles.Women would take care of kids.
Men would take care of male royalty and women would take care of female royalty.

Farmers would grow plants like figs , wheat, barley, veggies, melons, and pomegrantes.

Farmers did not live in farmhouses they lived in mud brick houses.
Farmers used tools like a winowing scoop,
shaduf,plows,and flint bladed sickles.
Farmers also farmed animals.
Boys also helped.
Animals helped plow crops and eat unwanted wheat.
Artisans made different things. Some artisans made pottery others made lovely furniture for wealthy people but less wealthy people had to go without pretty furniture.There were also dressmakers, metal smiths, stone masons, and

Some materials that artisans used were stone, clay, wood, fibers , bones, ivory, feathers, gold, copper, tin, and silver.

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