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The Great War

Mr. Latona

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of WWI

The Great War WWI Why did they call WWI "The Great War"? Describe this picture in your own words and the emotion that comes to mind? The story begins on June 28th, 1914 Archduke
Ferdinand 19yr old Gavrilo Princip Archduke was (Next in line) to the throne
of Austria-Hungary HEIR When he visited the capital
of Bosnia, the world would never be the same. Sarajevo ...But why would Princip commit such a violent crime? 4 Causes of World War I 1. Imperialism The scramble for land on
earth created rivalries and conflict. 2. Militarism Countries built-up their military as as possible to get ready for war. BIG 3. Nationalism Countries started acting in their own interest and often the result was WAR. 4. ALLIANCES A tangled web of
Alliances allowed things to
spiral out of control. #1 Cause of WWI SECRET WWI
*Chemical Warfare becomes
a new deadly force. Trench Warfare created a stalemate. Technology in warfare
makes killing more efficient. In WWI the allies will
win the war, but it will cost America 50,000 lives and a total of 8 million human lives overall. Austria-Hungary was convinced Serbia was behind the assassination. On July 28, 1914 A-H Declared war on Serbia Upon hearing the news,
began for war. Russia Mobilization Mobilization =
Readying Troops for war. A-H demanded that Russia stop, but they refused. In response, Germany to protect A-H and France to protect Russia. Mobilized Mobilized France
mad Geographical Bind Germany was stuck in the middle. Germany came up with the
to avoid a war on Schlieffen Plan 2 Fronts. Schlieffen Plan = Germany would attack France 1st, then Russia. The plan was working until fighting came
to a bloody in France. Stalemate Stalemate =
Tie; Neither side gains an advantage 2 Teams Emerge
(Bad Guys)
Ottoman Empire
(Good Guys)
Italy Central Powers Allied Powers Trench Warfare The was caused by the Allied
Powers digging in a fighting Stalemate Defensive War. This made the war slow down. The slow defensive war was fought in the Muddy, Rat infested trenches and across "NO-MANS Land". Paris will almost FALL! New Weapons Emerge Men were excited to go to war until they experienced the following:
Machine Guns
Hand Grenades
Artillery Shells
Poison Gas *Motto: Destroy Everything! The Newspapers showed
Americans the Brutality of war. Why did some Americans
have a personal connection to the war in Europe? Most Americans opposed the Autocrat Kaiser Wilhelm. Autocrat =
A Leader with
unlimited power. We viewed the Germans
as being, "Cold-Blooded". Wilson kept America
mainly because of trade. We were making a lot of $$$$ Neutral Why would Wilson
worry about going to
war in Europe? Wilson knew eventually
America would be dragged
into war so... he began a policy of Preparedness. Germany would push
America to its limit! Germany U.S. It was the German
attacks that Americans
thought was U-Boat uncivilized. The Germans kept sinking
American merchant ships
going to Europe. U-Boat =
German Submarine The British were feeding
Americans info via the Transatlantic Cable. This info shaped American
opinion about the war. Impact: This became even worse
when the Germans sank
and 128 Americans died. Lusitania Now it was Personal!!! Wilson responded with the

but would that be enough for the
Germans to stop? Sussex Pledge S.P. = (Search) Germans would search the
boats first before sinking them. 1916 Election Woodrow Wilson "He Kept us out of War" Wilson won the 1916 Election and Germany continued Unrestricted Sub warfare. Wilson hoped for PEACE, but the Final Straw was the Zimmerman Note. Unrestricted Sub Warfare =
Germany sank boats without
warning. Zimmerman Note = A letter from Germany to Mexico asking them to make war with
America and in return them would receive the following:
New Mexico
Arizona By 1917 the Allies were being crushed and were in Critical Condition. The would
be the deciding factor for Wilson. Russian Revolution Russian Revolution = A new Government took over in Russia and they backed out of the war. Germany now has 1 front
unless... In April 1917, The U.S. signed a declaration of Moving
War Preparedness did not get America ready to
fight in WWI. So... Instead of sending troops in
the beginning, we sent the following:
Arms (Weapons)
3 Billion Dollars America to the Rescue! The 1st thing we needed was MEN! Selective Service Act S.S.A. = Draft The turnout was Amazing!
24 Million Registered
3 Million were drafted The remaining Volunteers
created the A.E.F. American Expeditionary Force = The EXTRA volunteers who joined the
military. *Getting the Soldiers across
the ocean without encountering
a U-BOAT was another story.... Convoys Convoy = (Power in Numbers) Group of
unarmed ships surrounded by
destroyers and torpedo boats. General
John J.
Pershing Pershing believed
the American soldiers
were made for the OFFENSIVE. Pershing brought the U.S. Military
together, but left out a important
part of the puzzle. 369Th Harlem Hell Fighters 369Th Harlem Hell Fighters = All African American Unit that fought with the French during WWI. The entire
unit received the Croix
De Guerre. After the Russian Revolution, German
forces turned all their energies toward
pounding French & British Forces. Paris was on the
verge of falling! Marching out of Paris "We dig no trenches to fall
back on. The Marines will
hold where they stand." Gen. James G. Harbord At the Battle of Chateau -Thierry,
the Americans save Paris and
turned the tide of the war. American Tanks Roll On! The Am. tanks rolled over the German
trenches and Germans start asking for
peace agreement. The Allies want Total
Surrender. The allies used planes to drop bombs on
the Germans and Aerial Dog Fights began. Eddie Rickenbacker American
Aerial Ace The Germans had the Red Baron American
Hero Alvin York Alvin York Facts Dough Boy in the 82nd Infantry
Conscientious Objector
Drafted against his will
With 1/2 his men gone, York killed 25 Germans and captured 132
Medal of Honor & Croix de Guerre Eddie Rickenbacker Am. Aerial
Ace End of the War As we pressed on, the Germans begged for peace. November 11th, 1918 11, 11, 11 Armistice =
Cease-fire In WWI the allies will the war, but it will cost America 50,000 lives and a total of 8 million human lives overall. Michigan will lose 5,000 men and 15,000 will be wounded. WIN Tomb of the Unknown Soldier The Tomb was created after WWI
to honor those soldiers who died
and could not be identified. Goal = Understand the price of FREEDOM Liberty
Am's buy bonds and redeem them later with interest.
$20 Billion dollars are raised with bonds. How bonds work: America on
the Home Front Boy & Girl Scouts sold the bonds on street corners. Artist drew posters like this
to advertise Liberty Bonds. "Four-Minute Men" gave speeches before movies to promote the bonds. Wartime Production
WWI Factories switched over to

and business leaders worked for a "Dollar-a-Year". Wartime Production Tanks and Guns were not the only
key to victory... "Food will win the WAR" Price Controls = Government controls prices
to control goods. EX. Gas Prices WWII example Rationing = Consumers get a fixed
amount. Ex. 1 meatless night Daylight Saving Time Increased the # of
daylight hours. Goal = Reduce the use
of energy. Enforcing
Loyalty The Government started to
the press and take away the CENSOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH American started to fear two things:
Spying Why would
a German
Am. want to
fly a Am. Flag? 100% Americanism Immigrants had to be
able to read and write. Why does a Hamburger
become the enemy? To deal with disloyalty, Wilson created the Espionage Act. Espionage Act = Illegal to interfere
with the draft. The E-Act was AMENDED by the Sedition Act. Sedition Act =
Made it illegal to
talk bad about the
Government. Treaty of
Versailles 1919 Pres. Wilson hoped for a peaceful world
after WWI and developed a Plan for peace. 14 Points 14 Points = Wilson's plan for peace
End of Alliances
League of Nations
Reduce the size of armies
* Self-Determination for
Austria-Hungary. Wilson would introduce his
Plan for Peace in Paris
January, 1919. When Wilson arrived in Paris
he was showered with Flowers. Wilson wanted to create a Community of Power. Although Wilson had the good of all in
mind... the allies wanted SPOILS. Spoils =
Rewards The allies wanted Germany Crushed. ...but would
Wilson agree? *U*S*A* British Wish List (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Wilson wanted to be fair to Germany, but he decided to let the allied powers take over. Wish List The French Wish List Leader = Georges Clemeceau No more German Army
* Reparations Reparations =
$$$ or payment for
war damages. Leader = Lloyd George No German Navy
* Reparations Wish List Leader = President Wilson "We ask NOTHING for the
BLOOD we shed" Equality How did the American people respond to
Wilson's wish? Wilson feared that harsh
penalties to Germany would
lead to future wars. Germany would be forced to pay 33 Billion in REPARATIONS. Germany would never FORGIVE
and never FORGET how they
were humiliated.
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