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Lasenzo presentatie Condair

gemaakt door ShareAll


on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of Lasenzo presentatie Condair

Communication Spaces
What is the perfect customer journey
Customer Journey Lay-out
THE Customer Journey
Outdoor Entrance
Touchdown at CONDAIR
Instant awareness that you have arrived at the head office of Condair.
Opening up, Creating expectations, Mental arrival, Happiness

Indoor Entrance
Welcome in the world of dehydration balance
Emotional awareness of dehydration and hydration aspects
Bring extreme dry world and wet world together as an extreme contrast. Welcome desk for a thirst quenching experience

Experience Expo
Wake up call !
Relevant input only, Pro -active action needed. Cost awareness Value Lost
Interactive information. Urgency Health threats. Productivity threats. Process threats.
Product threats. Interactive openness. Knowledge.

Experience Theatre
Sense the world of humidification !
Deep understanding of the necessities of humidification solutions.
Highly motived to apply this moved & touched. Personal journey. Logical Fact. Joy & Humour.
Inspiring & remembered
Training Centre
Focus on becoming the expert
Professional competence proven. Good
service is self-evident. Empowerment and mutual respect
Professional, Rational. Concentration. Supportive. Listening. Open. Integrity & Accountability. Product top quality. Result orientated

Sky lounge
Lift off - Sit back and relax
Conformation of the relationship. CONDAIR in front of mind. Relaxation. Completeness.
Friendship, Personal. Helping. VIP Guest. Value. Market leader.
Perfect emotional balance. Comfort. Safe. Commitment.

Stepping stones and Flexibility
Vision on multi-sensing
with the 5 senses
Light and Vision
Vision on furniture
All furniture is of course proposed based on functionality, esthetics and Quality – cost, durability. But equally important is what they tell about the corporate values, and expectations in a specific zone.

They are an important part of the complete communication purpose, because they belong to the total concept mission.

Furniture should stimulate body movement because physical movement is linked in the brain to mental movement, change of thoughts, absorbing new idea’s.

We will look for existing furniture first, but if this does not match out concept we would like to design special furniture for the specific needs.

Thank you for being our audience!
Communication Concept
Create a customer journey experience using all five senses and various communication styles to enlighten and motivate visitors that CONDAIR is your optimal solutions partner to be proactive in create healthy artificial environments through Humidification and Evaporative cooling.

Become an ambassador for this awareness

Valuable attention at the end of the journey in the sky lounge will make the more highly motivated to work to the same goals.( becoming an Ambassador)
Creation of storytelling through a customer journey . ( in phases)
Interactive flexible content to cater for different target groups levels/moment.
Most flexible deployment of the exhibits as possible
Synergy is of the essence to achieve the best experience solution possible
Create a level of continues focus on the subject by doing the setting in different ways guided by dynamic accents, and change of body movements ( sitting, standing, walking, etc)
Relate the content to aspects know from personal life, like holydays, working environment of the target groups.
Use unexpected innovative media means to create surprise impact, so the visitor does a re- telling the story to others . ( 3D, VR, Multi Sensing, Personal interactive)
Confirm the Corporate Value’s all the time in every item & moment, not only by words.( full Branding)
Create a flow of changing emo & rational experiences so both part of the brain are reached in different balances.
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