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Incorporating Technology into Marzano's High Yield Strategie

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Sarah Emerling

on 4 August 2014

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Transcript of Incorporating Technology into Marzano's High Yield Strategie

and Notetaking
Student ownership of knowledge is essential.
Marzano's Other Strategies
Similarities and Differences
Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition
Cooperative Learning
Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback
Generating and Testing Hypotheses
Cues, Questions, and Advance Organizers
Nonlinguistic Representations
Show knowledge without relying on words or text.
Technology Norms
Edtech is only as effective as the instruction that goes with it.
Always have a purpose.
Have an alternative assignment.
Homework and Practice
Homework should have a specific purpose and not be busywork.
Consider assigning a task each week giving students the week to complete it.
Incorporating Technology into Marzano's High Yield Strategies
Classroom Management
Have a technology routine: "One and out" and be prepared to redirect
Monitor constantly and consistently
Consider technology use as a ritual and routine to be practiced: sign out, appropriate use, online safety, free-explore time, clean up
Digital Storytelling
Summarize by having students write and animate stories.
Pic Collage
Self-contained app - search images within the app itself
Arrange images to support a variety of vocabulary or ideas
Student-Created Tutorials
Students create tutorials showing the process and skills to complete a specific task.
Instead of giving students notes, provide them with the content and allow them to make their own notes.
Explain Everything
Flipped classroom-student driven instruction
Upload to devices for absent students or reteaching
Upload to SchoolFusion site for parents and review
Your instruction, in your words, in the students' hands
Give students a rubric with your expectations and ask them to create a tutorial to be shared with the class.
Use the task as a performance assessment.
Choose the best to post on your SchoolFusion site - giving students a goal to aim for.
Puppet Pals 2
Story Spine
Completely customizable task generator
Heavy in existing math assessments, K-12
Import other user's quizzes and modify them
Create your own assessments
Each quiz is given a unique code.
Give students the code and they can access the task from anywhere
The site grades the task and stores the grades in a digital grade book
Assign students to groups or classes
Then assign each class or group assignments from a selection of CCSS lessons and activities
Assignments are grouped by grade level for the teacher, not the student - differentiate tasks without the kids knowing which level they've been assigned
Students have unique usernames and passwords
After logging in, students can view the tasks they've been assigned
Add quizzes on your own SchoolFusion site
After logging in to your account, click Add Fusiontool on the right side, select Quizzes
A step-by-step process walks you through creating a multiple choice quiz.
Students login to SchoolFusion and take the quiz. Teachers view scores after logging in.
Ask students to respond to a prompt in the Discussion Topics
Post a weekly question or prompt in the Discussion Topics and ask students to blog about it.
Post a picture and ask students to respond to the image.
Create Venn diagrams using Pic Collage
Post the best student-created tutorial on your Schoolfusion site
Make sure you can always hear each
Provide feedback by commenting on student blog posts or reflections
Use digital voice notes during an experiment to record data
Increase rigor by moving toward creation-based learning
Sarah Emerling

Utilize the camera app to bring education into the real world.
Ask students to take pictures of real world definitions.
Utilize the clock feature to time students as they leave the room to take the picture. Set the timer; students must return before the alarm goes off.
Remember iPads aren't just for apps. They are educational tools.
Students can reflect on a classmate's post by commenting as well
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