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Patience Lovell Wright

A Prezi about Patience Wright, America's first sculptress and a Revolutionary War spy.

Lia Sheahan

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Patience Lovell Wright

Patience Lovell Wright


'Patience Wright: America's first sculptor and Revolutionary spy'
by Pegi Deitz Shea, illustrated by Bethanne Andersen

Patience Wright-Wikepedia, the free encyclopedia
Patience Lovell Wright| History of American Women
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
What was her childhood like?
What and why did she sculpt?
How did she help with the American Revolution?
What was her childhood like?
Patience Lovell Wright was born in 1725 in Oyster Bay, New York.
She was raised by two Quakers on a farm.
Patience had eight sisters.
When she was 4, she moved to Bordentown, New Jersey.
All her sisters sculpted, but Patience was the best.
She left home when she was 16, and married to a man named Joseph Wright.
What & why did she sculpt?
She started sculpting when she was 4 and used putty, bread dough, and wax she made from animal blubber.
She seems to have had no formal training.
She sculpted to support herself and her widowed sister, Rachel.
She sculpted famous people in history and made all her work life size.
When her neighbor Francis Hopkinson saw how good of a sculptor she was, she urged her to open a buisness.
How did she help with the American Revolution?
She started working as a spy for Ben Franklin because of her acquaintance with his sister, Jane Mecom.
When she moved to London in 1772, the king and queen sat for her, and she tricked them into revealing secrets.
Since she was now being watched by the British, she couldn't write letters to America,so she hid them in hollow busts that she made.
The British didn't suspect suspect her of spying, but they were suspicious.
Patience Lovell Wright by Mary Isabelle|Humanities 360
Oyster Bay, NY
This is a sculpture of
Admiral Howe.
(Richard Howe)
This is a sculpture of William Pitt, who led Britian's
government. The sculpture was made after his

This is Patience.
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