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Copy of Beyonce Knowles

No description

Nadin Kouta

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Beyonce Knowles

Reference's Beyonce released her first album in 2003 called "dangerously in love" which sold millions of copies and she won five Grammy award for it.In 2004 Destiny's Child Released Their last album than they split up so beyonce than started her career doing solo artist.Beyonce was determined to achieve her goals/dreams which is the main thing that got her where she is now.In 2008 she married a rapper named "Jay Z" also known as Sean Corey Carter and gave birth to their first child sometime in January 2012 named Blue ivy Carter.

. Although Beyonce was a shy and quiet girl when it came to performing,she was very determined and a hard worker. Her parents encouraged her to have fun but they than began taking her performances seriously,working with her on her dance and singing performances. She enjoyed rehearsing and that's exactly what lead to her success now. Also her natural abilities to sing and dance as a child gave her a great start to her success. She was seventeen years old and already writing her own songs. Due to her hard work and determination as a child growing up she is now the most recognizable character in modern R&B. Beyonce Knowles has become such a force in popular music that she is known by just her first name. Beyonce was born in Houston, Texas on September 4th 1981. Beyonce attended private schools and later on she went to Houston's High School for visual and performing arts. She got her high school diploma and graduated in the year 2000's class. Later on in her life she became a singer, songwriter, Dancer, Actress, and a business women. It all started at an early age where Beyonce started singing, dancing,and performing for audience. When she was first cast in a play in elementary school, she discovered her love for performing. Beyonce kept singing,dancing, performing in school plays, and following her dreams. She won a school talent show when she was seven than a year after that she auditioned for a six member girl group called "Girl's Tyme" which attracted attention and beyonce's father managed the group, working to get beyonce's talent noticed by record companies. The Six member girl group performed together for about 6 years with member's leaving and getting replaced but yet still Beyonce continued to perform in the group to fulfill her dreams until the group decreased to only 4 members so they renamed it to "Destiny's Child" with Beyonce as the lead singer and thats when the group finally signed a contract with Colombian records in 1997. Michael Jackson
Diana rose Mariah Carey Whitney Houston
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