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Landis' Facial Expressions Experiment

No description

Kyrie Killen

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Landis' Facial Expressions Experiment

Landis' Facial Expression Experiment By: Hayley Higgins, Morgan Tooley, and Kyrie Killen Procedures and Results Procedures Facial Expressions from the experiment 1/3 Refused to do it! Caused a lot of pain for the rat Didn't know how to do it in a humane way 1. Landis painted lines on the student's faces to study the expressions 2. He then had them smell ammonia, watch porn, feel a bucket of frogs, or behead a rat! Studied if the person was happy, sad, disgusted, or shocked Carney Landis 1897-1962
Graduated from the University of Minnesota
Experiment performed in 1924
Part of the Experiment: Beheading a Rat Experiment Background Analysis Hypothesis As a group, we believe this experiment was unethical because it not only involved the decapitating of rats, but Landis did not have a logical reason for performing the experiment.
Most of the students participating in this study did not know how to decapitate a rat resulting in a lot of suffering for the rat.
One third of the participants refused to behead the rat, when they did refuse, Landis beheaded the rats himself. Tasks Performed What and How Thought different situations would call for different facial reactions
Wanted to confirm that there are universal expressions
Thought watching porn would result in excitement
Thought putting hand in bucket of frogs would result in shock
Thought beheading a rat would result in disgust
OUR hypothesis was that there would be a universal reaction for each situation Strengths and Weaknesses of this experiment Ethical Strengths Ethical Weaknesses The first two parts of the experiment were ethical, feeling frogs and watching porn. The participants knew what they were getting into and this caused no harm. 3. Lastly, he took pictures of their faces to study the expressions. Tests included:
watching pornography
putting their hand in a bucket of frogs
decapitating a rat
smelling ammonia
many more Landis found subjects and drew black lines on their faces
Video taped and took pictures of everyone's facial expressions after performing the experiments The last section of the experiment was the unethical part, when the students were asked to behead the rat.
The students were not trained on how to decapitate the rat, therefore the rats suffered.
This conflicted with the beliefs of many psychologists, you should never harm any of your subjects. In this case, the rats were harmed in a very painful manner. The Affect of the Strengths and Weaknesses on Participants The participants were put in an uncomfortable position when asked to decapitate the rat, this may have turned them off and therefore altered their facial reactions. Conclusion This particular study was deemed useless
After all the work, Landis did not discover a universal facial expression for each circumstance
However, he realized, that when asked to do certain things by a higher authority, people obey
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