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Chapter 1 Solving Linear Equations

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Mikayla Morello

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 1 Solving Linear Equations

Chapter One
1.1: Solving Simple Equations
To solve a simple equation, use the inverse operation.
(Addition - Subtraction/ Multiplication - Division)
1.3 Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides
To solve equations with variables on both sides, collect the variable terms on one side and the constant terms on the other side.
Chapter Sections
1.1 Solving Simple Equations
1.2 Solving Multi-Step Equations
1.3 Solving Equations With Variables On Both Sides
b. Solutions Of Linear Equations
1.4 Rewriting Equations And Formulas
1.5 Converting Units Of Measure
1.3b Solving Absolute Value Equations
An absolute value equation is an equation that contains an absolute value expression. Here are three examples:
l x l = 2
l x + 1 l = 5
3 l 2x + 1 l = 6
You can solve these kinds of equations by solving two related linear equations.
1.4 Rewriting Equations And Formulas

Solving Equations
By: Virginia Barnes, Mikayla Morello, Abby Auger, Ms.Shao
1.2: Solving Multi-Step Equations
Chapter One:
Solving Simple Equations
To solve
l ax + b l = c
c >= 0
, solve the related linear equations:
ax + b = c
ax + b = -c
To rewrite equations, you have to solve for one variable in terms of the other variable(s). Get the variable you want to solve by itself
l x - 4 l = 6
1. Write two linear equations
x - 4 = 6
, and
x - 4 = -6
2. Solve both equations


3. Graph your answers

x = 10
x = -2
2y + 5x = 6

-5x -5x
First, figure out what y represents.
You would subtract 5x from each side of the equation.
2y = 6 - 5x
Now divide each side by 2.
y = 3 - 5/2x
1.5 Converting Units of Measure
To convert units of measurement, you must know how each measurement relates to each other.
Once you figure out what each measurement converts to, you will be able to solve equation with no problem.
10qt = ?L
4km = ?mi
Write the equation.
15 - 2x = -7x

Collect the variables on the right side
+2x +2x
15 = -5x

Divide Each Side by Negative Five
-3 = x
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