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Dwight Eisenhower

No description

Ross Venhuizen

on 28 September 2013

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Transcript of Dwight Eisenhower

Final Grade
-Signed the Civil Rights Act of 1957 and 1960
-Signed the bills making Alaska the 49th State and Hawaii the 50th State
-He signed legislation to stimulate housing construction
-Signed the National Defense Education Act
-Asked Congress for federal aid for education
-Overall, he had a rather hands off , autopilot approach with Congress but still maintained a relatively solid and friendly relationship with legislature despite a majority of Democrats in both the House and the Senate (Divided Government)
- Supported and Signed the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956
The Federal Aid Highway Act authorized $25 million for 41,000 miles for the Interstate Highway System
This was the largest American Public Works Project up to that date
-Eisenhower vetoed a total of 181 times
- He wanted to decrese the size and involvement of the federal government
Attempted to decrease the government's involvement by stalling New Deal programs but then did increase Social Security
- Accepted the resignation of Chief of Staff, Sherman Adams after he was found to have been taking bribes
- Sent federal troops to protect the "Little Rock Nine"
- 1st President to conduct televised Press Conferences
- Appointed Earl Warren as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, who ruled in landmarks decisions: Desegregation, one man one vote
-Appointed Chris Herter to Secratery of State
-His cabinet was sometimes viewed as "9 business men and one plumber"
- "Hands Off" leadership style with his cabinet and staff. Gave his cabinent control over domestic affairs.
He had the same kind of autopilot approach with Senate
- Failed to publicly oppose McCarthy
- Never endorsed the decision in "Brown vs Board of Education"
Chief Legislator
Chief Executive
Commander in Chief

Guardian of the Economy
Head of the Party
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Post Presidency

- Oversaw the cease fire in the Korea war
- Recognized the Republic of China as the legitimate government of China.
- Established a trade and military alliance with Spain through the "Pact of Madrid"
- Sent troops to Lebanon and promoted the "Baghdad Pact"
- Planned "Bay of Pigs" invasion
- The Cold War escalated during his Presidency
- Hurt relations with France
- American U-2 spy plane was shot down over the Soviet Union. Embarassing.
I was the 34th President
From 1953- 1961
They call me Ike...
- Won a landslide election to gain a 2nd term
- Republican party lost Congress in 1957 election
- Rising unemployment damaged the Republican party but not Dwight himself
- Won the support of the moderate Republicans by containing the New Deal programs but not repealing them
- Represented a more "moderate" Republican
-He met with Lyndon Johnson and Ray Rayurn, two powerful Democrats without any public anouncement
-faced Democratic Congress for three fourths of presidency
- Gave advice to JFK and LBJ regarding foreign affairs
- Wrote two memoirs about his time in the White House
- Wrote the best seller " At Ease: Stories I Tell Friends"
Bay of Pigs Was all JFK I Swear

Works Cited

- Unemployment fell while inflation was slowed considerably
- Generally more Keynesian than anything, and paid more attention to balancing the budget than to lowering taxes
-Signed a housing construction legislation act that helped to combat the developing recession
- Poverty rate fell, and increased buying power led to a consumer driven economy
-Solid Economic growth during Presidency, even with a recession
-Social Security and unemployment insurance increased to over ten million people
- Periodic recessions lowered his popularity
- Made several trips to Europe in his "Flight to Peace" goodwill tour
- Attempted peace talks with the Soviet Union
- Pushed for treaties limiting nuclear aresenals in order to slow down the US-USSR arms race
- Ended Korean War
- Took an aggressive, pro-active stance against communism -- a stance which hindered peace talks with the Soviet Union
- Cold War escalated sharply under his term
- Hurt relations with France.
Chief Diplomat
- Wasn't an very eloquent speaker, but his speeches got the job done and understand what they were used for
- Generally met the people's needs, and reacted well to the Little Rock School Crisis, an important part of the Civil Rights movement
- Maintained a unique, leader persona
- Maintained good public opinion numbers
- Delivered a famous farewell speech about the Military Industrial Complex and Communism
- Generally spoke to the people
- Didn't publicly oppose McCarthy's witch hunt against "communists" in Congress
Head of State

- Born on October 14, 1890
- Graduated from West Point
- Five Star General in the United States Army
- Served as the Supreme Commander for the allied forces in WWII
- First Supreme Commander of NATO
Pre- Presidency
Ike for President!
Eisenhower received a "B" because:
Effective chief legislator
Passive executive
Prior military experience
Economy grew stronger
Moderate Republican willing to compromise
Cold war escalated
Poor speaker, good leader
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