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Curriculum Vitae

No description

Nazanin Golban

on 9 May 2015

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Transcript of Curriculum Vitae

Persian (Iranian)
Date of birth
12th September 1986
Filming, editing, multimedia communication, photography, knowing elements of video production such as how to frame questions to elicit information, or how to identify visual images that convey a specific message.
Education and Training
Degree in New Art Technologies (Multimedia)
at Accademia di belle arti di Brera
(Academy of Fine Arts of Brera)
Milan (Italy)
Softwares Known
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Microsoft Office
Power Point

Curriculum Vitae

Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 12
1017 RC, Amsterdam (NL)
Cell phone
+31 626267702
Bachelor's Degree in Painting at the University of Tehran (Iran)
Diploma of Graphic Design
at the high school of
Fine Arts in Isfahan (Iran)
Languages ​​Known
Persian (
mother tongue
English (
Italian (
The first episode of my trilogy "the Reborn" :
The Question
“Diving in the water and children’s laugh”

Take it , one for me , one for you .

Come back inside, grandma is here , she brought some cakes for You …

“Diving in the water and children’s laugh”

"Curiosity" is an interactive multimedia installation, projected with the program "Max MSP":
For this project I made a short movie "the Life" (2012, 4:00'). The film begins with a scene of children's bikes. The images are accompanied by the voice of children playing and laughing, then students return from school, commuters traveling after work, until we see some old people who are shopping, noise of a passing train (symbol of Time). The concept of this video is about life, growing and our living period experience. But the video can not be seen, because is disguised under an abstract fuchsia image that completely covers the screen. When spectators get attracted and curious by sounds of the video, and get closer to the screen, movement of viewer in front of sensors, makes appearing the video by their silhouette.That silhouette reveals hidden video under the image, but you can see complete frame, if only some spectators (not one) come together and get closer to each other, then all of them can see "the Life ".
Multimedia projects
The project "Dreams" is a multimedia experience based on "Arduino technology".
By entering the room with an environment that may remind the world of dreams, you can see some objects which passing through each of them, the "Arduino sensors" activates a recorder and you hear the sounds related to the object. For example, passing in front of an apple you hear the sound of a bite of an apple and a woman who says "Take it, bite!" Or even in front of the window you smell the scent of cake and you hear a voice that says "Enter the house, grandma is making you a cake." Or in front of the swimming goggles you hear the sound of a splash in the water and children playing in the water. This experience gives the audience the opportunity to dream with eyes wide open.
People say that I am a sociable person, actually I like the social activities, working in groups...
my social experience are:
I created a drawing workshop in during university (2006).
I organized and attended an exhibition of drawing(2007)

I exhibited my paintings in two

I participated in
some projects of
interior design.
Arabic (
Work Experiences
I worked for three months for "
The Godmother Films
", a film production studio in Amsterdam.

- I documented, filmed and edited the pre-productions for their feature film.
- I introduced and expanded their augmented reality (interactive) project "Eyewalk" in museums all around the world and I found investments for it.
- I collaborated in different media projects and programs, giving ideas and creativity.
About me and
my personal Interests
I like
taking photos,
I play a traditional

I collaborated
with women NGOs
such as Amnesty for
"25 November,
international Day
for Elimination
of Violence
A promo video for
Deli fashion design,
for summer collection 2014,
filmed and edited by me :
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