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Music of Myanmar & Cambodia

No description

Janna Bobier

on 20 July 2014

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Transcript of Music of Myanmar & Cambodia

Music of Myanmar & Cambodia
*ranard ek - the lead high-pitched bamboo xylophone.
*ranard thung - a low-pitched xylophone
*ranard dek - a metal xylophone or metallophone
*ranard thong - a metallophone
*skor thom - two big drums (similar to taiko drums) played with drumsticks
*samphor - a double-headed drum played with hands
*Khloy- a type of bamboo flute
*Krap- wooden clappers
*Chhing- finger cymbals
Cambodian Music- Pin peat
Translated as "great music" in Pali, the Mahagita is an extensive collection of Burmese classical songs, called thachin gyi. The collection is divided into several different types of songs, including the following: kyo, bwe, thachin gan, the oldest repertoires; pat pyo, royal court music; lwan chin, songs of longing; lay dway than gat; myin gin, music that makes horses dance; nat chin, songs used to worship the nat, Burmese spirits; yodaya, music introduced from Ayutthaya, Talaing than, music adapted from the Mon people and bole, songs of sorrow.
Music Instruments included in Burmese/Myanmar Ensemble
Musical instruments include the brass se, hne (a kind of oboe) and bamboo wa, as well as the well-known saung, a boat-shaped harp. Traditionally, instruments are classified into five classes, called pyissin turiya.
*Kyei - brass instruments
*Thayyei - leather-covered drums
*Kyo - string instruments
*Lei - wind instruments
*Letkhout - percussion instruments
Sralai - a quadruple-reed
Instruments used in Pin Peat Ensemble
Traditional Music
Traditional music from Burma is melodious, generally without harmony, and usually in 4/4 time (na-yi-se) or 2/4 (wa-let-se) or 8/16 (wa-let-a-myan). There are "the segments combined into patterns, combined into verses, combined into songs [that] make Burmese music a multileveled hierarchical system.
The Pinpeat/ Pin Peat orchestra or musical ensemble performs the ceremonial music of the royal courts and temples of Cambodia. The orchestra consists of approximately nine or ten instruments, mainly wind and percussion including several varieties of xylophone and drums. It accompanies court dances, masked plays, shadow plays, and religious ceremonies. The pin peat is analogous to the pi phat ensemble of Thailand.
*Sralai thom - a large quadruple-reed flute
*Sralai toch - a small quadruple-reed flute
Myanmar Music
The music of Burma (or Myanmar) has similarities with and is related to many other musical traditions in the region, including Chinese music and Thai music.
Thank you :)
Cambodia & Myanmar
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