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Why did some of the dot-com ventures fail??

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Kareema Wingfield

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Why did some of the dot-com ventures fail??

Dot-com ventures!
What is a dot-com venture??
A dot-com company, or simply a dot-com, is a company that does most of its business on the Internet, usually through a website that uses the popular top-level domain ".com"
Reasons why some of them failed:
1.)The dot-com frenzy was fueled by dreams of extreme wealth, for executives, employees and investors. All resources were focused on fast-tracking to IPO, without adequate emphasis on a viable business plan, solid mission, and inspiring vision.

2.)Lacking sound business plans and virtually ignoring even basic human-resource and customer-service requirements, most dot-com leaders focused on expensive, splashy Web sites and a polished "Gen X" image.

3.). Billion-dollar statistics tell the tale of many dot-coms? ability to burn through enormous amounts of funding (a.k.a. - other peoples money) with little consideration for or accountability to spend wisely or earn a profit.
Why was this type of entrepreneurship important??
How has this affected me?
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