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Period 3 Beardslee

No description

maryann carroll

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Period 3 Beardslee

How light travels
Some light travels in long, lazy waves. Other types of light travel in short, choppy waves.
The color blue gets scattered in the sky by the molecules of the atmosphere more often, making it more visibal then other colors.
Lots more blue light gets scattered in the evening because the light from the sun is going through more of the sky to reach your eyes. This lets yellow and red light pass though easier.
Why is the
sky blue?

Also, sunlight may look white, but really it's all the colors of the rainbow.
That is why the sky is blue!
"Grolier Online." (2013), http://go-kids.grolier.com
"Nasa Space Place" (2011), http://spaceplace.nasa.gov
The color blue gets scattered more often than others because it goes in short, small waves.This makes blue more visibal. It is also scattered by molecules of gas in the atmosphere
By Eric Beardslee
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