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Maxthon Style Guide: Desktop

No description

Sasha Nik

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Maxthon Style Guide: Desktop

Maxthon Style Guide
Desktop Products:
Windows, Mac and Linux

Why do you need Maxthon Style Guide?
To learn how to localize Maxthon products

To familiarize yourself with Maxthon standards in writing

To learn about accepted in Maxthon terminology

To understand principles of localization for different audiences and different platforms

Remember that clarity is always the main priority

Install the latest version of the browser

Make sure you know where in the browser your translation will appear

Ask questions if you don't know what a string means

Maxthon tone and voice

Leave all official Maxthon trademarks (such as Maxthon or Maxthon Cloud Brower) intact and in their English forms.
Make your translation clear, brief and simple
Use active voice
Use well-known in your country computer terminology
Feature names can usually be translated. Please remember that some Features names are Maxthon specific. Try
to transcreate
them instead of simply translating. Make up a new term if necessary.
Do not be too technical. Sometimes it is better to say “address” instead of “URL”
Symbols like %d should be placed within your translation in accordance to the meaning. These symbols will be replaced by the browser with corresponding values.

String in the language file
Phrase in the browser
You have received 15 response(s) to your message.
You have received %1$d response(s) to your message.
Text format
Capitalize each word in formal feature titles and commands (Quick Access).

Be conservative. Do not capitalize each word in the sentence unless it is grammatically required in your language.

Menu elements, feature titles and commands should also be capitalized when used in the sentence (Send to SkyNote).
String Length
Check the length of the English string and shorten your translation if necessary.

When a project manager limits the number of characters you can use in a translation, do not exceed that limit.
Do not use periods at the end of titles and menu items.

Use ellipsis (...) to indicate action in progress or a menu item that leads to further UI action (

Don't use a period after a single sentence or phrase used in isolation, for example in notifications.
Ask Questions

Feel free to email us at any time with any questions or concerns. We are open to your comments, ideas and suggestions.

Thank you!

Before you start translating
Don't be literal and try

the meaning of a phrase
From Maxthon Settings
English to Portuguese
Use the same terms when translating Maxthon products for different platforms. If you don't know if the same term has already been translated in another platform, consult with the Crowdin translation memory or a glossary for your language. If neither is available, ask us.
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