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How to survive in a North American forest and get out.

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Bruce Jones

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of How to survive in a North American forest and get out.

How to survive in a North American forest and get out.
This Prezi is made for a North american forest and probably won't work for a rain forest.

North American forest usually have birch, oak, sycamore, or pine trees as the main growth. Most forest also have undergrowth, which is smaller plants, dead leaves, bushes, shrubs, and poison ivy.

Now sense
got lost, then
should know if it's a big forest and if your deep into it. If it's a big forest and your deep into it you should make a shelter. A really easy shelter is a
lean to
. To make these simply lay two big sticks in a triangle shape the lay more stick along the end of the longer stick.

Now if it looks like it might rain or the walk out is more then a day's travel then stick leaves into the leaning sticks.
How more.
Now to survive in the forest for longer time you will need food. You can eat grass to survive, it may not be tasty or filling but it will keep you alive. Berries are also edible, but you must be careful:many berries are poisonous. Yew berries and nightshade are some . But mainly you should look out for berries that are meant for birds. They look like any old berry, but they can make you sick or too many could kill you. The easiest way to avoid getting sick is that they taste really bad and you would only eat one.

<--nightshade yew-->
More How
Now an importantly: fire. You can make fire from really simply stuff, such as chocolate and a pop can. Use the chocolate to polish the pop can's base the angle the now shined pop can base so that sunlight reflects onto the kindling (smaller twigs, sticks or paper used to get the fire started) of your fire. If you are lost during winter you may use ice as a magnifying glass to start your fire.
Even after you get pack home you may have mental health problems. It is bad for some people to be in large spaces or with no human contact. Also (if it's how you got lost) it traumatizes most people to be in a plane wreck. Cuts and scrapes must also be treated. See a doctor if you've been lost in the woods.
*http://www.wilderness-survival-skills.com/signalingforhelp.html-more info
*Minions-because they are awesome
After you find that you are lost you need to see what you have on you. Almost all human tools will come in handy.
Trust your instincts, people have been getting lost in forest sense there have been people to get lost in them.
An easy way to escape when your lost is to wait until the middle of the night, and then looking at the edges of the sky. If there are any cities near you they will make the sky glow in the area where they are located.Then you simply walk in that direction until you find people. Also you can find human paths. Be careful not to follow a dear trails deeper into the forest.
Now so far you you learned how to escape a small forest. But let's say your boat got shipwrecked or your plane crashed near a huge forest. Here's easy way to signal for help. Send out 3 quick taps the 3 long taps then 3 short ones again,pause and repeat. This is S.O.S. in Morse code. You could also use logs to write it out in a clearing. S.O.S. is the global distress sign.
more signals.
stuff that signals for help that you may or may not have

*signal flares (very effective)
*a giant mirror angled at the sky or sea (sun hits planes or boats)
*bright colored balloons (may attract helicopters or boats)
*make fire out of very green plants (makes a smoky fire)
Defense: Bears

6 ways to survive
*Avoid encounters (no shine/noisy jewelry)
*Keep distance (travel long way around if seen)
*Stand tall (Bear charges are usually "chicken")
*Know the bear ( species brown or black bear)
*Bears motives ( self-defense/predatory)
*Respond ( run, hide or fight) climb a tree for first, run from if that doesn't work, and fight as a last resort (aim for the nose, a good hit to the nose will shoo some bears away).
Hopeful Tip
Hopefully, being gone your friends and family have notified the police and a rescue party is looking for you as you escape/survive. :)
More Dire Situations
By the way...
Why you should get out should be obvious.
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