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Sports legends of the 1920s

No description

Anthony Brown

on 6 December 2017

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Transcript of Sports legends of the 1920s

Sports legends of the 1920s
Football in the twenty's was heavily dominated by Notre Dame. The fighting Irish were lead by their four horsemen in the backfield. As to show that the four horsemen were a big part of the twenty's they had stamps with their picture on them.
The Four Horsemen
Founder and time span
Andrew Foster founded the league February 13th, 1920 in Kansas City Missouri. The League was the first African American baseball organization to gain stability. It existed for the entire decade until the Great Depression came about.
Impact on society
Impact of sports
Sports in the 1920s were very important to society because they gave people something to enjoy instead of worrying about the result of World War One
Extra Information
Negro National League
The Negro National League was a result of World War 1. Baseball had become the biggest form of entertainment among the African Americans. The league only came to an due to the great depression
Anthony, Matthew, Caleb
Founder: Andrew Foster
February 13th, 1920
Consisted of 8 teams

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