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MighTree 2 Day 2

No description

RnD 1 Pangram

on 30 March 2017

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Transcript of MighTree 2 Day 2

Day 2
I Am Happy

Warm Up
Wrap Up
Warm Up Song
Nursery Rhyme
Music and Movement
Main Lesson
Review Feelings
Hello. I'm Ben. I have a birthday party. I am happy.
Maria is sleepy.
Betty is surprised.
Fred and Bob fight.
Mike is hungry.
Fred is sad.
Bob is angry.
Open Your Student Book
Student Book pp. 8~11
Ask students how they feel in the picture and let them match to the feeling emoticons.
Teacher Talk: What's this?
How do you feel when you see a ghost?
Teacher Talk? What is she doing?
How does she feel?
Teacher Talk: Ta-da! It's a magic.
How do you feel when you see a magic?
Teacher Talk: Look at Sally. What is she doing? Right. She is sharing her crayons. How does she feel?
Teacher Talk: Look at him. How does he feel?
Teacher Talk: Look at them. What are they doing?
They are fighting. Is it OK to fight? No, No.
How do they feel?
Teacher Talk: What does she have in her hands?
She has a hamburger and coke. How does she feel?
Before doing this activity, talk about what makes the students happy, sad... with your students. Then tell them listen and match to the pictures. The things make them scared, surprised... can be different.
Teacher Talk: What is this? Right. It's a dog. Does a dog make you feel sad? angry? scared?. . .
Teacher Talk: Look at her. She got presents. She looks happy and surprised. Do presents make you feel surprised? hungry? sleepy?
Teacher Talk: Look at this picture? Where is it? It's a dental clinic. How do you feel when you go to the dental clinic? happy? scared? sad?
Teacher Talk: Look! Witches! Do the witches make you feel happy? sleepy? scared?
Teacher Talk: What are two girls doing? They seem to fight to have a ball. How do they feel?
Teacher Talk: Look at the ice cream cone. Does the ice cream cone make you feel sad? angry? happy?
Teacher Talk: Look at the children. They are reading books. Does reading books make you feel surprised? scared? angry?
Does it make you feel . . .
Answers may vary. You can ask students 'Does it (Do they) make you feel . . .?' or 'How do you feel when you . . .?'
Optional Video
Merry is scared.
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