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SFAgile 2012—Enabling Emergent Betterness: Lean Procrastination

Enabling Emergent Betterness Through Lean Procrastination

Olaf Lewitz

on 16 August 2012

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Transcript of SFAgile 2012—Enabling Emergent Betterness: Lean Procrastination

Lean Procrastination Thank you for your attention! Real Options Drive Validated Learning Distributed Cognition Beyond Budgeting Pull When? Karl Scotland, availagility.co.uk For leaders embracing Uncertainty
Who want to shape a better future
Lean Procrastination
Amplifies a positive view of Growth
Unlike approaches that try to predict the future
Lean Procrastination provides Emergent Options
And extends an enterprise's flow of value
To Decision, Narrative and Relational Flow Towering Options How many moves were you able to plan ahead?
Why not more?
Were you aware if your options were changing?
How? When did you notice?
What caused your options to change?
Which options did you use to your advantage and
When did you realise you could?
In which way does this game relate to your (work) life? Options have Value.
Options Expire.
Never Commit Early Unless You Know Why.

Decide when to Decide
And when to Commit. autonomy mastery purpose I am thinking of a rule that this three number sequence conforms to: 2 4 8
you can give me examples of 3 no sequences and I'll tell you if they conform to the rule or not
You need to guess the rule... Assumptions Make the right decisions
At the right time. Get Started Divide the bricks into four piles of equal number of blocks.
The goal of the game is to build the tallest tower. The team that builds the tallest tower in 15 rounds wins.
examine (view, don’t touch!) the blocks
individually decide which pile looks most promising to build the tallest tower.
discuss your options.
move to your chosen pile to commit.
You join a team by choosing a pile. Play The game has 15 rounds, time-boxed to 2 minutes. Teams work in parallel. In each round, each team has to chose to

Add a block to their tower,
Remove a block from their tower (which may not be placed back into the same position later),
Use their joker to refactor their tower (changing the order of the blocks without adding or removing any). The joker can only be played once per team. Tell the right stories
At the right time. Make the right connections
At the right time. Lean Procrastination
? http://www.flickr.com/photos/chaparral/3096522750/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/grumbler/528832959/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/moonty/4072720876/ Motivation is the basis for Connection How can you apply these ideas in your work/life? How far off the mark are we? What do you think would complete this map? Walk and Talk 1. Access 3. Achieve 2. Attract Trajectory
Pace Flow New Types of Flow
Broader Definition of Value? Decision Flow
Knowledge Flow
Relational Flow
Motivation Flow
...Betterness! Focus on Value
Goals & Trajectory Use a portfolio model cognition and knowledge are not confined to an individual knowledge is no longer valuable in stocks our organisations need to participate in relevant knowledge flows Wisdom of Crowds your peers know more about your business than you do Decouple starting from finishing! no animals have been hurt in the preparation of this prezi @MattBarcomb
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