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Basketball Team (Cell Analogy)

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Janie Jones-Waddell

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Basketball Team (Cell Analogy)

Basketball Team (Cell Analogy)

Cell Membrane/ Basketball Play
The main function of the Cell Membrane in a cell is to maintain the the shape of the cell. It determines where everything is going and placed.
A basketball play is like the cell membrane. Plays determine the placements of the players and every direction they should go in. In doing this correctly it will allow them to score.
The Vacuole/ Center Circle
The vacuole isolates substances that might be harmful to the cell and it maintains an acidic internal pH.
The Vacuole in the Basketball team is the center circle. When bad things happen during the game, such as a "jump ball" is has to be eliminated and the problem is then taken to the center circle.

The Golgi apparatus/ Water Boy
The Golgi Apparatus is responsible for the final processing of proteins and lipids within the cell.
The water boy collects the water which acts as the protein for the players' performance during the game. After gathering up the water it is taken to the players.
Mitochondria/ Cheerleader
The mitochondria is the energy source of the cell. It is like a generator, allowing things to move in an upbeat manner.
In a basketball team the mitochondria is a combination of the main motivators in the game. They are the cheerleaders, the mascot, and the fans.
This causes the players to get motivated resulting in them working harder.

The cytoplasm is the basketball court because all of the basketball players play on it. The cytoplasm is where all of the cell activities take place. The cytoplasm holds all of the cell’s organelles in a fatty membrane. The basketball court holds all of the players in it so they have somewhere to play on.
The Cytoplasm/Basketball Court
The Ribosomes/Workout Trainer
The ribosome(s) is the personal trainer because the trainer helps build muscle in the player. the ribosome gives protein to the cell.
Cell Wall/Out of Bounds Line
The out of bound line is the cell wall because the players stay inside of it.
The cell wall gives the cell extra protection from harmful things and gives sturdiness to the plant, and so does a center.
In a basketball game nothing happens outside of the foul line.
The Endoplasmic Reticulum/
Point Guard
The endoplasmic reticulum is like the point guard. It works as a packing and storing system for the organelles. A point guard stores their plays and gestures to use on the team when necessary.
The Nucleus is the control center in the cell. It commands EVERYTHING that happens inside of the cell. Without the nucleus in a cell, the cell wouldn't be able to function properly.
In a basketball team the coach is the Nucleus. He controls everything that goes on the court, who is in, who is out, and he decides which plays he would like to carry out through the game.
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