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Fantasy Ecosystem

Imaginary Ecosystem - By Group: Sreeja Ghosh, Humaira Malik & Harkirat Dhaliwal.

Sreeja Ghosh

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Fantasy Ecosystem

By - Sreeja Ghosh, Humaira Malik & Harkirat Dhaliwal. Planet Neucrest Fantasy Ecosystem Introduction - Ecosystem has lots of greenery and fertile land.
- Has rocky moutains with craters.
- Craters are filled with water.
- There is water cycle in our ecosystem.
- Water bursts out of craters when the temperature fluctuates.
- Most creatures in this land can fly.
- Has two natural satelites (2 Moons).
- One moon rises in West and sets in the East, and the other rises in East and sets in the West.
- Has 12 months like Earth, but each month has 40 days.
- We have ACID rain in our ecosystem. Location - Far Away From Our Galaxy.
- Located in a newly discovered planet called Neucrest.
- In a galaxy pillar - Jets HH 901/902 called "White Ray". Biotic Features Creatures are listed below: Abiotic Features - Rocks & Mountains with Craters.
- Soil - Is Very Fertile.
- Rain Water - Cristal Clear
- Sky - Colour is Blue like the Earth.
- Sun - Name is Staront.
- 2 Moons - Have Different Colours.
- Valleys - Hebivores and Fishes Mainly Stay Here.
- Water - Clean and Pure (Safe to Drink).
- Air - Animals Breathe in Oxygen.
- Temperature - The Cool Climate. Adaptations Description - Biotic Features Climate Food Chain - Animals: Tigosaur, Zendrat, And Mytros. - Plants: Drent, Hetro, And Reckson. - Birds: Treo, Seerie, And Ramtor. - Fishes: Coldy, Miker, And Toret. - Bacterias: Polythron, Ridrozon, And Zetroson. Animals :
- Tigosaur eats grass, can fly but wings are invisible and breathes out fire.
- Zendrat drinks only water, lives on fire.
- Mytros eats fishes, lives on land and can swim, and gives Milk.

- Drent can walk and swim, eats small fishes, found in land and water.
- Hetro can fly, and needs fire for survival.
- Reckson can run and swim and take part in sports, drinks Milk and found in craters.

- Treo is a plant like bird, eats bacteria and lives on trees.
- Ramtor is a cat like bird that can swim, roars like a tiger, eats fishes and mostly found under water.
- Seerie is bird that eats grass, and hangs upside down on trees. - Climate is very moderate.
- Hot winters and cold summers.
- Summer temperature is 5°C to -15°C.
- Winter temperature is 20°C to 38°C. Soil In Neucrest Planet Description - Biotic Features Fishes:-
- Coldy is red in colour, eats planktons, found in trees.
- Miker is light blue in colour, eats grass, can fly and found in land.
- Toret is golden-yellow in colour, drink only water and lives under water.

- Polythron is white in colour, eats grass, lives on land.
- Ridrozon is red in colour, bites animals and sucks blood.
- Zetroson is yellow in colour, drinks water and mostly found in the rocky mountains. Coldy Bacteria - Animals and birds build their own Condomonium.
- Hibernate in summer and search for food in winter.
- All animals have thick fur to adapt with the cold climate.
- Most animals have big teeth to dig the soil and build Houses. Flying Plant On Paper
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