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The Panda

No description

D Belavich

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of The Panda

The Panda
The pandas thumb is actually a long wrist bone that helps the panda grab bamboo. It helps the panda because he wedges the bamboo between his thumb and his fingers. Pandas teeth are modified to a vegetarian diet because they are flatter although pandas eat little meat. Pandas move very slowly because bamboo have very little nutrients so they must move slowly to preserve those nutrients.
The panda is 650-750 mm wide and 1.2-1.8 m high. They weigh 80-120kg. A panda has 24 baby teeth and 40 adult teeth. Pandas do not live in groups and live from 20-30 years. Pandas spend 14 hours of a day awake and 10 hours a day asleep. Pandas are very good tree climbers and use tree climbing to hide from predators.
Pandas class is a mammal because they do things all mammals do. They give birth, breathe air and they are warm blooded. It's a mammal also because it feeds milk to it's babies and has fur.
Pandas have to live where there are lots of mountains and jungle in the middle of China. Normally pandas don't make their own houses. They use space around trees to make small dens.
Pandas mostly eat vegetables well mostly

bamboo. But did you know that the panda eats meat too? They're also carnivores! Even though pandas are considered carnivores they mostly eat herbs.The average panda eats 20 to 30 pounds of bamboo a day. The panda eats all 25 types of bamboo. Talk about a non picky eater.
The panda does not have many predators the few predators are the jackel, leopards and the yellow-throated marten if you do not know what a yellow-throated marten is, it is a relative to the weasel.
Relationship with its young
The relationship between a panda and its young is pretty bad. Litters of 1 or 2 are born if 2 are born the mother abandons the weaker panda and it dies shortly after birth. But the cubs and mothers do play, they wrestle and the baby goes on the mothers back.
The only relative of the panda is the spectacled bear, I was suprised to see that it was the only relative I thought that it would be related to more bears but surprisingly that the only one I could find.
Interesting Facts
1. The lifespan of a wild panda is about 20 years but the life of a captivated panda is 25-30 years because the panda is given medicine to make their life longer.
2.Pandas have lived on earth for 2 to 3 million years.
3.According to legend the panda was once an all white bear but one day a little girl saved a panda from a lepard and she died. The pandas came to her funeral wearing armbands of black ashes as they wiped their tears and hugged each other the ashes smudged.
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