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No description

megan atton

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of coraline

Chapter 4
Coraline went to explore outside and saw a cat he says "It was sensible for you to bring protection. I'd hang onto it if i were you."
then Coraline goes to visit a house with flashing lights and meets a lot of talking dogs she watches a show about other misses spink and forcible where she was asked to balance a balloon on her head whilst miss forcible threw a knife at her blindfolded it missed her head and got the balloon and she got chocolates




chapter 5
Coralines parents have gone missing and she cant find them anywhere she thinks her other parents have taken them into the other world
she then saw them in her mirror and they breathed onto the mirror and wrote:
which is help us spelt backwards
her other mother showed her an image in the mirror of her parents getting home from a little holiday but she thinks its just an illusion

chapter 6
coraline woke up and didn't recognise where she was
she then went and asked her other father where her other mother was he said she was out fixing doors to keep the vermin out he meant that cat

chapter 1
Coraline has just moved into a new flat and has been there for 2 weeks now.
She loves to explore and has found a old well that has been blocked up so no one can fall in. She has also found a blricked up door in the flat
chapter 2 & 3
Misses Spink and forcible warned Coraline that she is in "great danger"
the mice have warned coraline "the message is this. Dont go through the door."
she went through the door in her drawing room
Chapter 12 & 13
she knew where her parents are bu ttriked her other mother to opening
Coraline loves exploring the garden but is bored when it rains or is misty

Misses Spink and Forcible are ex-acteresses and they live in the flat below coraline they are now both old and round and live with a lot of highland terriors.
Coralines parents don't have much time for her "Count all the doors and windows. List everything blue. Mount an expedition to discover the hot-water tank. And leave me alone to work."
Above Coralines flat is a crazy old man who talks to mice and trains them to be "the wonders of my mouse circus"
they live in a very large old house with lots of little flats inside it and a very big back garden
the other mother and father who live the other side of the brick wall are nice - much nicer than Coraline's normal family even though they have button eyes
At the back of the garden was a tennis court, there was an old rose garden, there was a fairy ring and there was also a well that was bordered up so no one would fall in.
the flat was exactly the same as her own flat except from some of the pictures were different and the food was much nicer and she had a lot of things to play with
the other crazy old man with a moustache from upstairs keeps rats and keeps them in his clothes and under his hat
there is a little black cat almost right at the start of the chapter. The cat can talk and is very rude to coraline and wondered if she should be rude back or be polite - the polite side won
there was also a talking dog who asked for her ticket when she went to see the performance and another talking dog that she shared her chocolate with and sat next to during the performance
misses spink and forcible
when she got back to her other mother and father they said if she wanted to stay there then she would have to sew big black buttons in her eyes
deep dark theater where misses spink and forcible performed
creative reaction
it made me think of an old house like this one
i thought coraline was a small shy girl a little like this one
creative reaction
when i heard the rats it made me think of something like this

when i read about the button eyes it made me think of la la loopsy like this

and these were her mother and father
creative response
in my head the theater looked something like this

and the little Scottie dog that asked for the ticket looked like this
hi mr fearon!!!
creative response
i think that the parents looked exactly as they did in real life as they do in the mirror and this is what they look like when coralines other mother shows them in the mirror
and the rat with the key looks like this
the other mother and father then sent a rat to fetch the key from her actual house because they don't have there own and they don't want coraline escaping and dont want her normal mother and father to try to help her escape
chapter 7 &8
chapter 9&10&11
coraline went outside and saw nothing but white mist she at least she thought it was mist she then saw the cat outside and started talking to him he said that this wasnt mist it was nothing
coralines other mother then saw her in the hallway looking in the mirror and came up to her but coraline couldnt see the other mother
coraline told the other mother that she will never love her and will never let her be her mother so the other mother didnt like that so she put coraline into the mirror to learn some manners
outside it was really white and misty outside coraline could see nothing but white mist
creative response
i think the cat in the mist lookked like this
she goes to search for her parents and the souls
she then went into the other misses spink and forcibles flat and took a soul from the other miss spinks hand and she is chased away by dog bats
she then goes into the other crazy old mans flat and finds him sat on his bed with his rats she looked through her stone and saw the last soul in his pocket she went to grab it when the old man fell to rats and one of them ran away with the last soul she chased after the rat and fell over and grazed her knee and her hand and saw the cat with the rat under its paw and the marble rolling twards her

in these chapters coraline is still locked in the mirror and is feeling round for a way out and feels something like a cheek
there were three other children in the mirror but they are ghosts of children from the past - two girls and a boy
they explain to coraline that the other mother will never let her out again and she will end up like them
she fell asleep a while later and her other mother comes and carries her out coraline tells her about the three other children and she doesn't believe her
creative responce
the ghost people look a bit like this

and the mirror looks like a cupboard like this
she made an agreement with her other mother that if she finds the souls of the three children and her parents then her other mother will let her go home and if she doesn't find them then she will be the child that her other mother wanted and will sew buttons into her eyes
creative responce
the marbles look a bit like these
the first place she looks is her toy box where she finds the first soul by looking through her stone and it glowed as a marble
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