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Amber St Clair

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Columbia

the place you'll want to visit. Colombia... Geography Venezuela and Brazil are on the east side of Columbia, the southern part is bordered by Ecuador and Peru; the northern part of Columbia is the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea; and the western part is Panama and the Pacific Ocean. the total surface area that Columbia covers is 1,138,910 sq km. 1,038,700 sq km covers the land, and water covers about 100,210 sq km. Columbia is the only country with big coastlines on both sides, the North Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Columbia is the 26th largest nation in the world and the fourth-largest country in South America after Brazil, Argentina, and Peru.[ The southern and eastern portions of the country are mostly inhabited tropical rainforest, and inland tropical plains containing small farming communities and indigenous tribes. Culture *Most Colombians believe to be Roman Catholics. *the official language of Columbia is spanish.spoken by around 43 million people. Columbia *The Church has historically been a very important influence over personal affairs such as marriage and family life. *The parish church is often seen as the center of a community, with the local priest representing awesome authority and leadership. *The catholic church also has some influence in areas such as education, social welfare and union organization. Economy Colombia's economy is the 37Th freest. Its score is 69.6. Colombia is rich in natural resources and heavily depends on them. Colombia's main exports are coffee, petroleum, and petroleum products, emeralds, fruits, flowers, iron and steel, textiles and apparel. Security issues have kept many investors away, with great economic cost to the country. there are many hopes of recovery. Once Columbia's economy was based on just mining of gold and agricultural production. Government z z z z The Government of Colombia is a republic with separation of powers into executive, judicial and legislative branches. Its legislature has a congress, its judiciary has a supreme court, and its executive branch has a president. The citizens of Colombia cast votes for their government Colombia has " control institutions" which mix government and public officials, who work alongside one another. The executive branch of power in Colombia is headed by the President of the republic. The government is in charge of creating and developing politics intended to Colombia. The governors of the Departments of Colombia are elected through popular vote to represent the president and the executive branch of government at a provincial level. The governors of the Departments of Colombia are elected through popular vote to represent the president and the executive branch of government at a provincial level. Capital Bogota, the capital, from 1991 to 2000 was called Santafe de Bogota, and largest city, of Colombia. the capital of Columbia is Bogata. Bogota is the largest city, of Colombia. The unemployment rate is at about 10%. The Gross domestic product is 140.9 million Famous People Shakira is a famous person in Columbia. Shakira is a famous person from Columbia.
she is a pop singer who sung a song that went on to become a #1 hit on the Billboard Chart. Another famous person is Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Sofia Vergara is a Colombian actress, comedian, television hostess and model. She is best known for being on Modern Family. Current Affairs BACKGROUND:
Tens of thousands of people were killed and millions displaced in the conflict. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia ,or FARC, declared a ceasefire when some talks had begun. It gave the Colombian government two months to lay down its arms. Government forces have continued to attack and kill the rebels in their remote strongholds in the jungles and mountains of Colombia BACKGROUND:
The two sides have been fighting since the formation of the FARC as a communist agrarian movement in 1964. FARC says it's aimed at ending Colombia’s long history of social inequality and concentration of land and wealth. Coffee is one of Colombia's main export . coffee
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