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Chasing Lincoln's Killer

This Prezi shows a summary of the book, "Chasing Lincoln's Killer" by James L. Swanson. It goes into some detail of the plot of the story, which happens to be how President Lincoln was killed and the manhunt for his killer.

Noah Ismael

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Chasing Lincoln's Killer

Chasing Lincloln's Killer http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-uij6zMGCTBk/TW0IZlvESoI/AAAAAAAAArM/MVHCahpr7tQ/s1600/ChasingLincolnsKiller.jpg By Noah Ismael Have you ever wondered about President Lincoln?
About why he was killed? Have You ever wondered he was killed? How Or; have you wondered how someone could get away
With killing the presidant for 12 days before being found? Have you wondered about President Lincoln's Killer; John Wilkes Booth? About how he was caught? Why he would want to
do such a thing? Or; how he could single-handidly change the lives of so many people? If you have ever wanted to know the
answers to any of these questions; then
this book, Chasing Lincoln's
Killer is perfect for you! The author, James L. Swanson,
goes into much detail of President Lincoln's
assassination. Booth prepared for the murder by gathering all of his conspirators. (You see, they already had plans to kill the president, vice presidant, and secretary of state.) They had agreed to kill all three.

The only one that died though, was
Lincoln. shows how John Wilkes Booth prepared for his getaway after the assassination. Chasing Lincoln's Killer Then, the book shows how the plan was executed. It tells how Booth went to Ford's Theatre to kill Lincoln during Laura Keene's play "American Cousin." He didn't know it at the time, but when he jumped, he broke his fibula. He went to Booth used a pistol that only could fire one shot. In the process of jumping from the president's box onto the stage after he shot Lincoln, Booth hurt his ankle. Booth then ran away from the scene of the crime The story then goes into detail about Lincoln's last few moments alive. It also tells of the assassination attempt on Secretary Stewart. tells how Booth went to Dr. Samuel Mudd's farm to get medical treatment for his broken ankle. Mudd didn't know it at the time; but Booth had killed Lincoln. Booth stayed one night with the doctor. He was told by his partner, Herold (who attempted to kill secretary of state William H. Seward); that they needed to get out and away because he saw the cavalry was coming. After that; Booth tried to get to Virginia; because he thought he was going to be safe there. The fugitives rode horses to Samuel Cox's Farm. There, they were told to go to a pine thicket and wait for a guide to come and take them across the Potomac River. The guide eventually came and took them to the river. But they rowed in the wrong direction, and had to sleep in Maryland again for another day. Chasing Lincoln's Killer details the story of how the next day, Booth and his accomplice rowed once more across the Potomic River, and did it correctly. They rowed in the right direction and landed in Virginia. They then went to John Garrett's home; which was a farm.
They stayed with him for a while, pretending to be ex-confederate soldiers. But John was getting suspicious of them. They were told to leave the house. All of this time, the war department was getting closer to finding Booth and his partner. They eventually found Booth at John Garrett's farm, hiding in a tobacco barn, from several tips. Then, Booth was killed. He was in the barn, and the cavalry set fire to it. David Herold surrendered. Booth did not. He raised his gun to shoot at the cavalry, but one of them saw this gesture and shot Booth. His wound was fatal. This book then goes into detail of how all of the conspirators were caught, and the punishments they received. This book is all fact. It is written, though,
in a suspenseful way, much like fiction. THE PLOT / Summary / Tale of Lincoln's Assassination I enjoyed this book. http://www.cksinfo.com/clipart/americana/people/lincoln.png I think that this book might appeal to those who like the following genres: Action Biography Informational This book would also be very good for people who need to do assignments on: the attempted assassination of secretary of state William H. Steward. President Lincoln, or his assassination John Wilkes Booth People who are curious or facinated with Lincoln http://www.whyguides.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/john-wilkes-booth.jpg http://www.iwatchstuff.com/2008/10/06/john-wilkes-booth-showtime.jpg This book shows all of this, plus more. It goes into much detail of the assassination, using all fact. Check it out! Chasing Lincoln's Killer http://www.factropolis.com/uploaded_images/LincolnPortrait-709184.jpg Little did they know, but they would be waiting for several days for the guide to come. New Market Middle School
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