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Divest Harvard: Theory of Change

No description


on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Divest Harvard: Theory of Change

We & Prez. Faust
"It's hypocritical."
The point.
Divest Harvard
It's not like tobacco.
We didn't
theory of change.
Why is this so hard?
1. It's really overwhelming.
2. It's incredibly abstract.
3. Our legislature is broken.
Where divestment
comes in.
1. Stake out home-field advantage.
2. Pick a concrete battle.
3. Use working systems.
1. It's hypocritical.
2. It doesn't work.
3. Nobody cares.
Cap & Trade
(just months after the BP oil spill...)
Energy Industry:
Sent 4 lobbyists for every member of the House & Senate.
Outpaced environmental spending eight-fold.
Record-breaking $543m to lobby just on C&T.
This was:
With a Democratic majority in the Senate AND House

Months after BP Spill
But we don't need
to invest in them.
We need these companies to
their business models.

But they won't listen.
It doesn't work.
Tobacco is still profitable.
These companies are very rich.
All American
Home Field Advantage
Where to begin? Community.

Pre-existing networks.

Defined space.

Debate on students' terms.
Make it concrete.

Make it actionable.

Make it moral.

Give people a chance to join.
Pick a Battle
Congress is broken.

Build momentum.

Build inevitability.

Reduce risk.
Use Working Systems
= $400bn
BUT got it wrong again.

Smoking rates hit all time low.

New smoking regs everywhere.

Smoking exists:
1) highly regulated
2) highly taxed
"Nobody cares."
Harvard's elite, not influential.
Nobody will listen to...
1. Hilarious.
2. Wrong.
"It's too easy."
You're here because Obama doesn't have office hours.
112th Congress
Good riddance.
Let's direct our passion, our intelligence, our networks toward the world's largest endowment.
The plan.

Divestment Fund

Faculty Support

Media Outreach

Student Experience
Harvard economics has shaped the world.
When we win this battle,
others will join.
It's not just a symbol. Or a soap box.
With Divest Harvard, we can
force a conversation
start a snowball effect
make regulation inevitable
We need these companies.
$10-$52 billion/year
$59 in subsidies / $1 lobbying
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