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Money Ellie

No description


on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Money Ellie

By: Ellie
Bartering was used 1,000 years ago to get something for another thing.
1. Time

A. The thing had to be important to use to trade.
3. problems
A. but somethings didn't last long
B. they weren't valuable
C. also they were heavy and hard to carry back
1. each culture had a currency
2. Characteristics

A. the money had to be light
B. The money had to be valuable
C. the money had to be rare
D. the money was hard to find
3. examples
A. shells,feathers, salt, colorful stones are all examples of what you could use for money
1. Roman soldiers were paid with salt
2. Native americans traded eagle feathers
1. Precious metals
A. The things they used with had to be rare
B. The coins had to be easily shaped and weighted
2. Minted
A. 2,600 years ago
B. The metal had to be Gold & sliver
C. the coins were rough & crude (not even)
D. the coins did not have a standard size or weight
E. Later in time pure gold or sliver
F. It started in the Middle East
3. Symbols
A. Early European
B. Rulers were printed on the coins
C. The coin told when, where, by whom
4. Chinese coins
A. In the chinese coins there were holes

B. The chinese used copper for coins
C. the chinese stamped there value on the coin
1. the hole was used for carrying on a ribbon or stick
Paper money
1. Chinese used paper money.
A. T'sai Lun invented paper money.
B. 1900 years ago it was invented.
C. But it wasn't used until 700 years later.
D.they ran out of copper later.
E. The money was made by hand.
F. the money was made by having a print on a wooden block then it was pushed down to make a print on it.
G. then later on coins were still available.
2. machines were used to make money.
A. in Europe,
B. made by Johannes Gutenberg.
C. At the time of 1400.
Invisible money
1. Checks are a type of invisible money
A. The banks keep track of the money saved.
2. Debit cards are also a type of invisible money.
A. They take cash from bank accounts.
3. credit cards are a type of invisible money.
A. credit cards borrow money from your account.
B. It pays by interest.
1. Interest gets bigger the longer it takes to pay back.
Learn more

On the internet go to google think of a topic you'd like to learn more about such as currency or stock market type it in the search window you might find more interesting sites if you put "for kids". Pick ones that look interesting. At home ask your parents to help you open a checking or saving account at the bank. The bank will hold your money and send you a monthly statement telling you how much you have and how much you've spent. A checking account lets you take out money any time you would like. A savings account gives you interest on your money so you will actually earn money without doing anything!

Thank you!!!
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