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Georgia Presentation

No description

courtney pepe

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of Georgia Presentation

iPads Changing Outcomes
for At-Risk High School Students Voice of the Active Learner My Story of iPad technology in picture Presenter: Courtney Pepe
Teacher of Special Education
Monroe Township High School
Middlesex County, NJ Do Now - I Have Given All of You Some Type
QR Code -- please scan the code it will take
you to a magical mystical place on the Internet Link #1 - Back Channel for Today's Session

Link #2 - http://tinyurl.com/bljhy3f

Link #3 - http://snack.to/qhp3b88p

Link #4 - http://tinyurl.com/cvwja7o

About Me This is my sixth year as a classroom teacher.
I have taught in 2 different states both school systems that I worked in had 1 to 1 tehcnology initiatives.
Twitter Handle @ipadqueen2012
Blog: http://mrspepe.com/ About the Technology in My Learning Environment I teach in a public high school with 2, 000 students
2 years ago we decided to give an iPad to each one of our students
It is one of the largest 1 to 1 initiatives on the Eastern Seaboard and it has been a pleasure to be at the helm.... Back Channel for Today's Session http://todaysmeet.com/mrspepeipadsummit Please Tell Me What State You Are From
In Lino It http://tinyurl.com/bljhy3f Technology in My Learning Environment I teach in a program for "at-risk" students
In my program the iPad is a game-changer to help keep the de-motivated learner in school and out of trouble... Now I Want To Get a Sense of Where Everyone is From... Please Scan the Following QR CODE... In My Current Teaching Assignment, I must immediately engage my students...
I do this with the help of the SAMR model
Give me an "S"
Give me an "A"
Give me an "M"
Give me an "R"
What does it spell?
S-A-M-R My classroom is not an APP driven classroom but a learning environment which fosters innovation and rigorous curriculum Now I Would Like to Find Out What Kind of Teachers I Have In the Audience
Please scan the following code... It will or you can go to this link... http://snack.to/qhp3b88p In my classroom, too much repetition is the kiss of death...
Technology allows me to find a balance between consistency and change... Introducing QR visual...
http://www.visualead.com/ http://tinyurl.com/cvwja7o Challenge Based Learning
via Screen casting http://tinyurl.com/cvwja7o When teaching special education students with behavioral disabilities there are many ways that the iPad helps turn barriers into bridges... Barrier: My Student Population Does Not Like to Take Pen and Paper Tests!!! Bridge: Assessment on the iPad Barrier : My Students Are Not Big on "book learning" Bridge: we give them ebooks on the iPad,
I create my own ebooks for them,
and most importantly I make them create and curate their own ebooks. Barrier: Many of My Students Exhibit Very Challenging Behaviors, Especially When They Travel to Other Teachers Bridge: I designed a Shared Google Doc as part of their behavior mods and I link this data to their tiered point system Barrier: My Students Have Short Attention Spans & Cannot Sit Still for Too Long Bridge: with technology I can design multiple
high interest activities that keep them moving around and out of trouble... Where to Find This Presentation Review of APPS used in presentation Infuse Learning Websites Used: Today's Meet
QR Visual
Qr Code
Poll Snack
Infuse Learning
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