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Social media by ezy

No description

Fredrik Klarqvist

on 8 February 2018

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Transcript of Social media by ezy

"Social media is user generated content that is shared over the internet via technologies that promote engagement, sharing and collaboration"
Social media "101"
People are talking!

Monitor and measure to:
Gain awareness of your brand
Protect your brand
Improve performance of marketing campaigns
Facebook - version 2..3..4..
You cannot control conversations - but you can influence them!
Facebook moves inside IOS
Share from Safari
Sync Calendar / Contacts (birthdays etc)
Post from "Siri"
Facebook + Apple IOS 6
Lufthansa - "My Sky Status"
Update your social network/status while in the air
Facebook in the Airline industry - Example #1
KLM - "Surprise surprise"

Found people checking in / tweeting about their flight
Investigating this person on social media to understand interests etc
Buy them an appropriate gift
Find them on the aiport (based on photo in social media)
Give them the gift and wish them a happy flight!
Facebook in the Airline industry - Example #2
Malaysian Airlines / KLM

Connect to Facebook
See where you friends are seated
Select a seat next to (or in the other end of the aircraft?) as your friend
Facebook in the Airline industry - Example #3
American Airlines

Most successful airline Facebook campaign "ever"?
"Mystery miles" competition - gain miles by "liking" AA on Facebook
2 500 -> 163 000 fans within 24 hours
Facebook in the Airline industry - Example #4
Enable your customers to share...
Give people a reason to link to you!

Link baits
Online marketing
On Page
Quality content
Keyword density
Html markup
Internal links
Off Page
More links
Even more links
...link baits!
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
4 selected bloggers
100 eur spending money
A secret destination (flight)
15 hours to see and do as many attractions possible
Live Travel diary (Youtube)
Blog about it!
"15 hours blog challange"
Announcing the in-flight brief as a rap
560 000 views on You Tube
South West
Reply to tweets with a “live compilation” video on Youtube
Share photos
Link back to web site
Build brand
Engage your community and their work!

Photo sharing web sites / communities
Share and organize photos
Use boards to "pin" photos
Like and comment other photos - or "pin" them on your own board
As a business; add photos to engage you audience!
Managing social media channels
Monitor & Measure
Engage &
What are you looking for?
Brand, industry, events, happenings etc

Where am I looking?
Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Forums, web sites etc

technorati.com, blogsearch.google.com, twingly.com, trendz.com, socialmention.com, boardtracker etc etc
Monitor & Measure
Monitor & Measure
E-mail distribution - Social linking
Allow people to like and share directly from your newsletter
Talk to us!


Want to know more?
How much do you influence your friends and your community?
Started in San Francisco 2008
More than 100 million users
Measures social activities in several social media networks
Sets a score based on the how much you influence others - likes, comments etc
Why should I - as a business - care about Klout?
Be nice to influencers!
Cathay Pacific Airways - anyone in the international terminal at San Francisco International Airport with a Klout score of 40 or higher will be allowed into the airline’s lounge,
Las Vegas Palms Hotel - “Klout Klub” which upgrades guests with high social influence via Klout to nicer rooms and suites and grants them access to the hotel’s luxury amenities.
FlyMango -"the bucket list"

Fly with Mango and take "a challenge"
Post evidence to Facebook
Tell your friends and vote on other
Launch of new brand tag line; "Why not today?"
Facebook in the Airline industry - Example #5
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