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No description

Emily Jones

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Story

She was nought but a kunoichi... A simple female nin. Her name was Kaori. She was not exceptionally beautiful, but she was a master swordsman. She was the most powerful kunoichi in her village, as well as the most feared. Most called her the Sama no Katana. Meaning Lord of the Katana. She was quiet, but surrounded with an air of intensity that none could match. But she was the savior of the village. She singlehandedly defeated the most feared demon of the area. Her name was Karinshi and she was a fox demon. Karinshi terrorized the village, stealing its grain stores, and devouring its cattle. But one night, Kaori waited for Karinshi and engaged her in battle.
The villagers could do nothing except stare on in awe as Kaori fought until she struck the final blow and Karinshi took her last breath. Kaori almost died that night. she was badly wounded and many thought she would die before morning. But, that night as Kaori lay, dying. She was visited by a forest spirit. The forest spirit was called Yuera and she was grateful to Kaori for killing Karinshi,
who had been holding her captive for may years, Killing the forest. Yuera gave Kaori spirit water to drink, and as she drank it, all of her wounds healed. The forest then eruped into life, for its mother was free. Even the plants that were dead came back to life and flourished. And that village still restes among the fourishing trees. With the spirit of the forest and the spirit of the great Sama no Katana Kaori, watching over it, keeping it safe from all harm...
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