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Ambassadors Outreach Workshop

No description

Alex Stinson

on 12 July 2011

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Transcript of Ambassadors Outreach Workshop

Wikipedia Outreach on Campus and Campus Ambassadors What Is An Ambassador? An ambassador is an
honest person sent to lie
abroad for their country. Sir Henry Wotton (March 30, 1568 –
December 1639) , English author and diplomat. Marketing
Instructional Design
Refereeing Many Hats! Set Course Objectives &
Give Assignment Facilitation &
Communication with
Wikimedia community "Doers" Outreach Roles Flow From Wikimedia
Movement Strategic Plan Five Complementary Goals For 2015

– Stabilize Infrastructure
– Increase Participation
– Improve Quality
– Increase Reach
– Encourage Innovation Provide face-to-face training and support for studentson Wikipedia-related skills
Consult with professors around designing and implementing Wikipedia assignments
Organize engaging on-campus events to encourage people to edit (and continue editing) Wikipedia
Help identify and recruit other interested professors and Ambassadors
Represent Wikipedia and the Ambassador program
Communicate with other stakeholders (Wikimedia Foundation, fellow Ambassadors, etc.) What Motivates the Participants on Campus then? • Opportunity To Mentor
• Personal skills development
• Opportunity to explore Wikimedia
• Further Wikimedia Strategic
Goals or Wikipedia • Platform and Community for Student Publication
• Improve Communications, Collaboration New Media and other Skills of Students
• Opportunity to Expand Global Knowledge of Topics in their Area of Focus
• Public and Neutral Space For
Investigation of Contentious Topics What do Universities get? Good Press
Innovative Teaching platform
Student interaction with new technologies = more hireable
World class assignment used at universities like Georgetown, Berkely and Harvard (and soon Oxford)
Free teaching support volunteers or more training for teaching support staff in new media Media Literacy, New Media Literacy
New Public Outlet for all the knowledge in the stacks and online resources,
Opportunity to support Wikmedia Movement Goals (esp. Free and Open Knowledge) Business as usual: the duel
between Quality, Content
Expansion and Participation #1 Consideration—Students Are For The Most Part Not Volunteers but they could become them. Students participate because:
A. They are assigned to do it
B. They are not throwing the assignment away at the end
C. They are having fun. What else can we do to get the Campus Participants involved? Some ideas: Workshops:
Library sponsored ones focused on Media Literacy
Faculty and Librarian Workshop using Wikipedia
Wikipedia as a teaching tool
Student clubs
Scavenger hunts
Trivia Nights
Awareness campaigns
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