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by Kiante Graham

Kiante Graham

on 4 May 2016

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STory of my life


18-25 years old
25-40 years old
60+years old
family goals
during this time my kids will be in college and my spouse and i would be traveling the world for awhile. we would celebrrate our 20 anniversary of a happy marriage.
40-60 years old
family goals
During this time I would still be in college, because I would be working for my PH.D in Forensic Science at Western Carolina University.
During this time I would be on my own in the world. I will be far away from my family. My family would wish me off to college.
career goals
personal Goals
some personal goals i would have:
already graduate from highschool
getting ready for college
moving into the dorms
starting a good year at western carolina university
family goals
during this time i woiuld have already graduated from college and traveled the world. then few years later i will be married and start a small family. i would be married to a kind hardworking man that is always around his kids and i. i would have two beautiful children who are are smart and making something of themselves.
career goals
by this time i would have a job with the fbi working as a forensic scientist. i would be working on lots of murder case and would be in the lab identitfying bodies for the investigators.
personal goals
the goals i would have done at this period of my life:
have two kids
graduated college
gotten a job with the fbi
meet someone, have a nice house in the country and get married
CAreer goals
by this time i would still be i would still be working for the fbi. but i would be doing things i want in my free time, like hanging out with my family, traveling and focusing on me.
personal goals
put my kids through college
travel with my spouse
starting on personal things for me
start writing a book
get back into art projects
family goals
during my very old age, my children would have already started their lives. they would have many children and i would be a grandma. my spouse and i would be celebrating our 59 years anniversity of happy marriage
Career goals
by this time i would be retired and living off my retirement check. both my husband and i will be retire and doing more stuff together. i would be a volunteer at a hosiptal at some point in this time.
personal goals
i would have gotten to retirement
i would lived long to see my grandchildren
i would have seen my kids grown up
i would have done everything i wanted
i would have made peace with the thought of dying
i would have spent the remainder of my life with my spouse
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