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Financial Process and Financial Statements

No description

samar gad

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Financial Process and Financial Statements

Jobs in Corporate Finance Sources of Finance Financial Statements Process Income Statement
Statement of Owners' Equity
Statement of Cash flows
Balance sheet External Sources Financial statements analysis and Decision Making Financial Process Financial Planing
Analysis Managers The Treasurer CFO The Controller Financial Planing and
Analysis Managers Senior Analyst 3 : 4 Analysts FPA Manager Responsibilities P&L statement
Forecasting P&L
Provide targets to operational departments
Data Consideration/Variance Analysis
Prepare ad hoc reports The Controller Responsibilities: Integrity of B/S
links accounting world with other financial departments The Treasurer Forecast how much cash needed
Timing cash needs
Contact banks and investors
Equilibrating cash position of all accounts Responsibilities: Internal Sources Owner's Capital
Shareholders' Capital
An Overdraft
Bank Loan
Hire Purchase
Buying on Credit
Selling Assets
Factoring Retained profit
Stock Management
Manpower Management
Improved Budgeting Factoring Where the company keep its cash? ? Financial Statements Analysis Historical Performance (Horizontal)
Ratio Analysis (Vertical)
Multiples and Comparable
Cash flow Analysis Multiples and Comparables estimate value of an asset by comparing it with (similar assets) in the market Peer
groups How to perform cash flow analysis and forecasting? Compare and time amounts of cash inflows and outflows Capital Structure
determinants Trading on Equity
Degree of Control
Flexibility of financial plan
Choice of investors
Capital market condition
Period of financing
Cost of financing
Stability of Sales
Size of a company
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